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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 20 Most Popular Posts for 2013 on Pointless Cafe

*This post contains products purchased by ME
and products sent for review

Time for the last "round-up" post of the year! These posts were the most popular posts on Pointless Cafe in 2013 as determined by page views. I've omitted my "Best of 2013" posts and Giveaway posts from the calculations.

So what did YOU, as the reader, show me were your favorite posts of the year on Pointless Cafe? All links to the posts are in the photo captions.

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20: This one gained popularity quickly because I just posted 2 days ago.

Last Rant of the Year: Thievery

19: Chanel Rouge Rubis

Chanel Rouge Rubis #677

18: Dior Rouge 999

Dior Rouge #999

17: Zoya Pixie Dust Fall 2013 Collection

Zoya Pixie Dust Fall 2013

16: Halloween Nail Art: Zombie Nails

Halloween Nail Art: Zombie Nails

15: Rabeanco Bonham II Handbag

Rabeanco Bonham II Handbag

14: Elevation Polish Naughty By Nature Collection

Elevation Polish Naughty By Nature Collection

13: Chanel Hong Kong Collection

Chanel Hong Kong Collection

12: Sunday Fun/Weekend Bits and Bobs with Minions


11: Comparison Request: Chanel Malice Dupe Alert?

Comparison Request: Chanel Malice
vs Deborah Lippmann B!tch's Brew

10: Literary Lacquers Community Collection 2013

Literary Lacquers Community Collection 2013

9: Dior Nuit 1947

Dior Nuit 1947

8: Chanel Vamp and Rouge Noir

Chanel Vamp and Rouge Noir

7: Color Club Halo Hues: Miss Bliss, Beyond and Eternal Beauty

Color Club Halo Hues:
Miss Bliss, Beyond and Eternal Beauty

6: a-England Burne-Jones Dream Collection (split into 2 posts)

a-England Burne-Jones Dream
4 of  the 5
Briarwood: final polish in the
Burne-Jones Dream Collection

5: Crows Toes springTHIS Collection

Crows Toes springTHIS Collection

4: piCture pOlish Focus

piCture pOlish Focus

3: Polish Stash - of all the ones that surprised me, this one did the most, not only because it's IN the Top 20 posts but that it's so HIGH on the list. WHY? LOL!

Polish Stash

2: KBShimmer Blogger Collaboration Collection 2013 (There are 3 posts that garnered the #2 spot for this collection - all three were in the top 20 on their own but together they made Number 2. Part 2 was the top viewed post of this collection.)

KBShimmer Blogger Collaboration Collection
Part 1
Part 2
Plum Tuckered Out

1: Ninja Polish Divinity. This post was the run-away winner and most popular by several thousand views.

Ninja Polish Divinity


Some of these really surprised me. The one about my polish stash (which has grown exponentially since then by the way) surprised me the most. I guess I need to do an updated Polish Stash post once a year?

Had I done a Top 30, most of the rest were my Weekend Bits and Bobs posts mixed with Chanel and Dior polish posts. I'm happy that you guys are liking the Bits and Bobs posts because those are so much fun for me to do!

Also pleased that a couple of my nail art posts made the list! There were LOTS of them in the top 40, which makes me happy since I'm mainly a swatch blog, not a nail art blog and I have so much fun playing around and practicing nail art!

Did anything surprise you?

THANK YOU ALL so much for making this a fantastic year for Pointless Cafe! I have the BEST READERS EVER! ♥

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  1. I like these kind of round up posts - these are fun to go back and re-read, and see for the first time. Happy New Year!

  2. I am really surprised the Diors and Chanels featured so high - unless it's like window shopping, and people just like to look. Great year Sheila xx

  3. well, your stash is really something, isn't it? :) I keep a link to this post to share whenever anyone tells me that my 300 polishes are too much for one person... and I guess I am not the only one who uses your post for self-justification )))

    1. OMGosh is THAT what it is? Hahaha! Well I need to do a new one then. It's getting really scary now.

    2. Oh please do a new one! I just looove this virtual journeys through other polish lovers' stashes :)


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