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Monday, October 14, 2013

Halloween Nail Art - Zombie Nails!

Nothing to Disclose

Zombie Nails!

I started this mani with a plain black creme and a silver tip gradient using Wet n Wild Black Creme and Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Once Upon a Time and added a little "blood" with Sinful Colors SinfulShine Mirror Mirror. I wore it like that for a day and then decided to play around with it before taking it off completely.

I just kept playing around, deciding to matte it with butter LONDON Matte Finish top coat and add a little more red. I used butter LONDON Bread and Butter Pudding for the middle nail to mute it...

I loved the middle nail with Bread and Butter Pudding on it so I did some random sponging with the red and silver and covered all the nails with Bread and Butter Pudding, applied the matte top coat and re-added some of the red on top...

Looking back, that old adage is true - I probably should have "taken one thing off" - leaving it with just the middle nail muted. What do you think? It's so easy and you can't really do it wrong.

Post your Halloween Nails on my Facebook page and I'll share them!

Scary!!! #thingsthatmakeyougoewww

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  1. I'm a huge fan of The Walking Dead, and I think you captured the progression of decay that the zombies go through! Scary :-)

  2. Beautiful Halloween manicure!

  3. Creepy. Very real looking creepy.

  4. WOAH!!! The final result is AMAZING!!!!!!!

  5. It looks extra good, girl! You did a nice experiment there! :D

  6. yeah!! i love the final outcome, i dont think its too much or not enough, its just right Goldilocks!

  7. This is seriously gross in the most awesome way lol


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