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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

KBShimmer Blogger 2013 Collection Part 1 of 2

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As you know by now, the KBShimmer Blogger 2013 Collection consists of 11 polishes.

I've already shown you the color I created with Christy, Plum Tuckered Out, here but how to do the other 10? Because I take so many photos, I decided to split them into two parts. Tonight I have Part 1 for you.

KBShimmer Blogger 2013 Collection
Part 1

Green Hex and Glam, I Only Have Ice for You, I'd Rather Be with Blue,
Snow Much Fun and Toast-est With the Mostest


Continued after the jump...

Let me start by saying I absolutely loved the formula on all of these. I can't believe there's an entire collection where there were NO issues. If I had to pick one thing, and that's me trying really hard, I'd say that the base on Merry Pinkmas was a tad on the thick side for all the glitters, but really I'm grasping at straws. They're all fantastic. 
I've used one coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top top coat for all swatches.
Green Hex And Glam – created by Christy and Kayla from Kayla Shavonne – A forest green jelly with holographic hex glitters.  Best in 3 coats.
(Green Eggs and Ham, get it? LOL!) I used 2 coats of this one and loved it but if you want that darker look, a 3rd coat would look great. No issues at all. The glitters suspended perfectly in the jelly base and applied like a dream.
Artificial lighting...

Indirect natural lighting...

I Only Have Ice For You – created by Christy and Sarah from Chalkboard Nails – Clear top coat with shimmering white flakes and holographic glitters. 1 Coat Recommended
This one. Wow. I couldn't decide how best to show it to you because it really does look great over everything. So I layered one coat over Plum Tuckered Out, over a black and white creme mani and over a skittles mani with blue, grey, red and green cremes. No issues at ALL.
Over Plum Tuckered Out...

Over plain black creme with a white creme accent nail...

And over a skittles mani with Kleancolor Fashionista (green), Essence Do You Speak Love (red), Essence Movie Star (grey) and Sinful Colors SinfulShine Most Sinful (blue)...

I’d Rather Be With Blue – created by Christy and Lisa from Cosmetic Sanctuary – this light blue is a matte polish with subtle iridescent shimmer sparkles like the snow.  2 Coats Recommended

This one dries matte or semi-matte on its own. I loved it with top coat and without equally. No issues at all. Just perfection.

Without top coat...

With top coat...

Snow Much Fun  – created by Christy and Victoria from The Manicurator – A  light blue jelly  with light blue holo glitter, white glitters in several sizes and finishes, a sprinkling of micro holographic glitter, and white snowflake glitter. 3 Coats Recommended
I used only 2 coats of this one and found it sufficient, however, I tend to do my second coat a bit thicker, so you may need three. Again the glitters were suspended perfectly and I didn't have to dig for them at all. This is how they came out of the bottle - totally random. Lovely. That holo and those SNOWFLAKE GLITTERS! *faint*

Toast-ess With The Mostest  – created by Christy and Valesha from Peachy Polish – A clear glitter topper loaded with glitters in shades of gold, silver and pink in circles and hex shapes to mimic champagne.  1 Coat Recommended
This one really surprised me for some reason. I don't think I could fully appreciate it in the bottle but WOW on the nail it's amazing. I LOVE it over brown (I've layered one coat over Milani Dark Coffee with a plain black creme accent nail) the most. It just really compliments the glitter colors perfectly for me. No issues. In fact, there's so much glitter, you have to be careful not to have TOO much on the brush. Just perfect.
Artificial lighting...

Indirect natural lighting...


And Plum Tuckered Out, which I showed you earlier...


And now you see why I've split this into two posts! What do you think? I know you probably need them ALL - but what are your favorites so far? I think they did a FANTASTIC job on each and every one of them! I know I described my vision to Christy and she got it on the first try. That's talent.

To see Part 2, click here!

AND as I mentioned yesterday, there will be a HUGE GIVEAWAY TOO! So stay tuned!


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  1. These are so gorgeous! So far I really want Plum Tuckered Out, I Only Have Ice for You, Snow Much Fun, Green Hex and Glam and I'd Rather Be with Blue!

  2. Great swatches, can't wait to see part 2. I see several must haves!

  3. Gorgeous as always. I can't wait to get some of these.

  4. Green Hex with Glam, Snow Much Fun, and Toast-ess with the Mostest are absolutely screaming my name! Oh dear, oh dear...budget be damned.

  5. Thanks a lot for showing swatches so quickly! This is very helpful ))
    I really need Green Hex And Glam and Snow Much Fun! ooooh I hope I will be able to catch them on Friday...
    I’d Rather Be With Blue (with top) reminds me of Picture Polish Whimsy in a way. What do you think? Are these two close?

    1. To me, they're quite a bit different. Whimsy is a bit lighter and a bit warmer and has silver shimmer/flecks. It's also more sheer. I'd Rather Be with Blue is more cool-toned and has iridescent flecks. It's opaque in 2 coats and dries semi-matte. I am pale and a cool-leaning neutral and that makes I'd Rather Be with Blue much more wearable for me. If you're more warm-toned and prefer the silver flecks, then Whimsy might be better. Hope that helps! ♥

    2. It does help, thank you! I guess Whimsy is more of my type.

      Can't wait for part 2, Will Yule Marry Me looks fascinating :)

  6. Green Hex and Glam! HAHAHA thank you for clarifying "Green Eggs and Ham" :-) I love that one and Snow Much Fun, and Lisa's shade is a must have too! Eek!

  7. Lovely! Really falling hard for Snow Much Fun.

  8. I had no idea how much I NEED snowflake glitter in my life until I saw this! Thanks for the swatches!

  9. Thank you for swatches! I definitely need Green Hex and Glam, Snow Much Fun, and Toast-ess With The Mostest.

  10. These are so gorgeous! Loving this collection!


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