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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Last Rant of the Year: Thievery

Nothing to Disclose 

I'm sure many of you in the nail art world have discussed and re-discussed this topic into the ground already. I've remained silent until now for two reasons: 1) I'm mainly a swatch blogger and only do nail art for fun and 2) My blog has always strived to remain drama-free. I still intend to be drama-free as I'm not jumping into the fray.

But I do want to talk about how I feel about the entire MissJenFabulous thievery and the resulting backlash.

If you don't know what's going on, I recommend watching Zenorah's YouTube Video first and then I'll give my thoughts.

It's been widely known among nail artists that MissJenFabulous frequently showcases nail art directly copied from real nail artists and bloggers and passes them off as her own - and makes money from it in addition to getting published with someone else's stolen designs. Zenorah calmly gives links and examples and sticks to the facts without personal attacks in an attempt to make others aware. People who follow this particular person aren't likely aware because all comments that point out who should have credit for a particular design are promptly deleted.

Here's where I have a problem, though. There is a real hate campaign going on in which photos of MissJenFabulous have been dug up and are circulating. Photos that are just a tad risque. Now I've seen the photos and it's nothing you don't see on Facebook every day so I find nothing really scandalous about them at all. But why? To what end? How is it relevant at all?

There was a valid complaint. What she's doing is WRONG. The facts are all that were needed and this sort of crap (photos that have nothing to do with stealing from artists) just serves to invalidate the people posting/spreading it. It has ZERO to do with the issue at hand. What the hell people?

The part that scares me is the lack of common sense I guess. Gradients are a technique. Do I need to research who did the first ever gradient and give credit? Common sense says no. But if I don't will I be accused of stealing? I mean maybe not on THAT - it was just an example. The point is, can we trust people to use common sense? Nope, unfortunately we can't. 

I do my own designs OR I give credit when I am doing Copy Caturday or even if I'm "inspired by." Unless it's like candy canes at Christmas. Everyone does them. I don't think credit is necessary there unless you're copying a very unique take on candy canes and doing it exactly

But have I done my own thing and not been "inspired by" anyone else at all and then still felt the need to google to find someone to link just to cover myself? Yes. Should I have to do that? No. 

What she's doing is 100% WRONG and not the same thing at all as what I'm talking about. But are people sensible enough to know the difference? 

I'm beginning to wonder.

There is a fine line here and I really hope people employ common sense.

I am an artist myself - acrylics on canvas mostly. And I can tell you that when your intellectual property is stolen it's a horrible feeling. Yes, more horrible than if your house is burglarized. That's happened to me too. This is much more personal and hurtful in my opinion. And when they take full credit and even make money and get published using YOUR intellectual property? YOUR hard work? It's not only a horrible thing to do, it's illegal. She hasn't stolen from me that I know of. I don't follow her at all anymore on any social media and it's not like I'm cranking out the nail art but I do have nail art designs that I've created, so because I am open to thievery as well, I do have a right to my opinion.

But just state the facts. Show the proof. There are plenty of examples. Plenty of material with dates. Plenty of photo evidence. WHY on earth would anyone think a vile hate campaign with stupid irrelevant photos of the person in question be anything but detrimental to their cause?

And so what if it's not your work being copied this time. If you don't stand up against it with them, who's going to stand up against it with you when it happens to you?

Zenorah did it the right way I think.

And that's my 37¢ worth for today.

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  1. Couldn't agree more.
    The nail world is far too bitchy, and we need to support each other more, not dig for dirt deeper.
    TBH MissJen is someone I have no respect for due to her morals, but I couldn't care less about her tushy or some semi random boob groping shot.
    I feel sorry for the people she has stole from, and if I am honest I am sure when she looks inside herself she won't rest easy as she knows she has acted incorrectly. But, what has it acheived, other than we know she has a brazillian?

  2. Beautifully put. I agree that what she has done is wrong, and we would all like an end to the "infringements" (and the blanket censorship of any even remotely negative comments), but I fail to see how a bit of side boob in a few photos is either relevant or makes it all any worse...

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Woops, deleted my comment by accident. Oh well: Some people suck. That was the gist of it.

  4. I agree with you, and those who are not happy with thiefs

  5. Even 200% agree, especially I was having exactly the same FEAR as you - what will be specified as copy and what not - and what if happens simply one thought herself as the founder and fact was not - it'll be never ending story. Very well written, thank you so much, now I can summarize myself how I felt on entire drama and also happy that great blogger as YOU are feeling same fear as me!!

  6. So well said! I wish I could explain myself this brilliantly.
    100 percent agree (credit to Silver) and even more if there's any!

  7. Way too much aggressive hateful actions going on. The internet has allowed attackers to remain anonymous, and therefore more cruel, ruthless and hateful when attacking. Could not agree with your post here more .

  8. I completely agree, and have refrained from posting about it for similar reasons. I hope you don't mind me sharing this post!

  9. Couldnt agree more!

    But I have to admit that I had to laugh out loud when she was awarded by InStyle (?) or better their readers for great nail art inspiration or something like that :D

  10. I agree with you.
    I don't think her sexy photos have anything to do with copying and claiming things as her own.
    I know what it feels like when people copy and claim something you do because it has happened to me. TO ME, I give credit because I want that person to feel good about what they did and inspiring someone else BUT like you said, common sense isn't around a lot.
    In South Africa, it is cutthroat and if you have the popularity, you're free to do, copy and claim all you like. It's sad but whatcha gona do you know.

  11. Very well said. I hadn't seen the photos circulating but I do agree that unless it pertains to the stealing of nail art, etc etc it doesn't need to be brought up. I did watch Zenorah's video this morning and thought she explained it very well also. I truly hope and wish that one day we will not even have to discuss things like this, but you are correct about common sense- it does seem a lot of people could use some. And you make an interesting point - if we do a gradient, do we credit the first person who did one? That seems silly, but at this point it feels like we need to! :(

  12. Thank you for sharing your thoughts - you are 100% spot-on in explaining the situation, unlike many others who let emotions take over and allowed reason to fall by the curb. Stealing is stealing, any way you cut, slice & dice it and what MissJenFabulous does is clearly that: stealing. On THAT point, she definitely needs to be held accountable - and just that. I don't know anything about photos of her that are circulating, but like you said in your post: what do those have to do with what she's being accused of? Trying to exact vengeance in any way you can, just lowers people who do that to the same level of, well, stealing.

  13. There is a point with any issue where it is about the issue and a different point where it becomes a personal attack-- because of hurts I may have experienced or something that is triggered in me. It's always better to be ready to admit what is triggered in me-- so that I can separate out the issue and not create or be part of a big pile-on where I vent and make someone else the butt. To me, that is just good karma to take responsibility for separating what is mine from the issue. But my observation is that as women in the nail world we sometimes want to belong and so we go for the pile-on. Or we are afraid of being criticized so we do it to keep with the pack. But as your blog and all these comments show, many people can and do steer clear of that tendency-- people like you and those commenting here are the one's to take the lead in dealing with a problem without making it mean and ugly. Beauty is an inner thing too!

  14. I agree. Honestly, the whole thing makes no sense to me. If I am inspired by someone, I link back. Not only because it was clearly awesome enough to inspire me so it deserves to be shared, but doing so creates respect and can lead to alliances with other bloggers. Of course, that means more exposure and more readers. Just think how huge she would be if she did give credit. Her numbers would double or better!

  15. So very well said. I just don't understand those that will lie, steal and cheat their way to the top, and be able to sleep at night. So much drama in the polish world, so much so at times, I find must. It wanting to share my photos. Who has that much time on their hands to dig up photos that do not pertain to the stealing?

  16. I agree, completely.
    Also, adding those pics is just stooping to her level... Absolutely irrelevant to the issue at hand.
    That being said, I hate the drama.

  17. Thank you so much for this post!! I 100% agree with you - the `other` photos has nothing to do with this issue. Someone`s personal life is theirs - this was strictly about credit.

  18. Wow, so that's what goes on in some parts of the nail polish world. Sounds like some big time drama! Only thing I can say is that it's nice when credit's given. I like your nail art and how it's come along and how you copy-cat in a NICE way.

  19. I don't expect everyone to look up designs to see if they were the first or who to credit. But if you know, then you should credit. The main differences here, in my opinion, are that it would only happen occasionally if it were coincidence and that she deletes comments that bring attention to it even if they are nice comments.

  20. And no she's going to be on nail'd it the tv show!' I wonder who's designs she will use lol such a shame they chose her


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