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Monday, December 30, 2013

From the Vault: Nail Art Odds and Ends and Koh Colours

Nothing to Disclose 

More things I found I just didn't get around to posting - this time, some nail art. I TOLD you guys I was practicing more this year!  Most of these were done as practice with an existing mani I was about to remove. I've found that's the best time for me to practice. Less pressure since I'm about to remove the mani anyway. And sometimes some of these stayed, which would make them Extend-A-Manis I guess!

Continued after the jump...

The problem with these is that after all this time, I have ZERO idea which polishes I used in most of them.

This one was Christmas in July. Summer shades with a Christmas design.

This one was my sad attempt at stamping. Sadly, even with practice, I haven't gotten much better. And you can see it's before I discovered Glisten & Glow's HK Girl Top Coat because it's all smeared. I told you I'd share my fails as well. LOL!

Valentine's Day Hearts

This one was probably my first Argyle attempt and I didn't get it quite right. But the colors are pretty together!

Another stamping attempt, this time with a Ruffian Mani and butterflies. I'm not sure where the inspiration came from on this one but I know it wasn't entirely my own design. Maybe Sarah over at Chalkboard Nails? If anyone knows, please let me know in the comments and I will credit!

I don't remember much about this one either - It was some sort of Darling Diva Channeling Coco challenge I think. Pick a DDP and use the name of the polish as an inspiration for a mani? So I channeled Coco Chanel and did a Logo Mani.

Not entirely sure about this mani either...It was in a folder called "Abstract Flamingo Nail Art" and I used Enchanted Polish Flamingo Freckles. LOL! No idea what it was for.


I also found a few swatches of some Koh Colours! polishes:

Koh Woodstock Green


Koh Fire (over plain black creme on middle finger, alone on others)


Koh Leaf 


I'm sure there will be more I run across over the next couple of days. ♥

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  1. It's wonderful to see how much your nail art has improved over the year! Practice makes perfect!

  2. Aw, I like the Chanel mani!
    So you're a glisten and glow fan too? I'm a stamper, so discovering that top coat was a game changer - and it doesn't shrink! (Which is a pet peeve of mine)


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