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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Incoco Nail Polish Appliqués - Tailored Fit

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*This product is Cruelty Free 

Tonight I have some 100% nail polish strips to show you from Incoco. This is my first time trying the strips made of real nail polish so I anticipated a learning curve but there didn't seem to be one!

The nail design I picked out is called Tailored Fit and it's a military-inspired houndstooth pattern combining neutral camo colors for a great fall/winter mani.

Tailored Fit
Nail Polish Strips

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Along with the two sets of strips (you'll have to wait for St. Paddy's Day to see the others!) I got some remover pads and instructional materials along with a sample chart of just some of the many designs they offer.

These strips are 100% polish, unlike other strips and each one included a base, color and a top coat!

I just prepped my nails by giving them a quick buff and off I went. I applied each one, using the size that best fit each nail and then I used a nail file to remove the excess from the tips and done! Incoco polish strips claim to last up to 14 days, but unfortunately I didn't get to wear-test them for that long. But I'm pretty tough on my nails. So I think it's definitely possible.


Overall, I'd give these a thumbs up - they were easy to apply, they curved over my high-arched nail beds easily and without wrinkles, which was my biggest worry, and they lasted and lasted! Plus I really loved the design. Houndstooth is one of my favorite patterns and this color-scheme is one of my favorites so when I discovered one design with both I was very pleased.

What do you think? Will you try these?

Tailored Fit is from the Fall 2013 Collection and this particular design retails for $8.99. Most retail for $7.99 and they can be purchased at the Incoco site here. The good thing about my nails being so short now is that I managed to squeeze in a pedicure with these as well. If I'd had my longer nails, I might not have been able to but there are six extra strips (16 in all) so most people will be able to get a full mani/pedi by cutting the remaining strips so it's something to think about! You can also check out their Incoco Blog and other social media in the links below:


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  1. Love these - such a great design! I'd love to try them!

  2. These would be perfect for travelling! I really like the houndstooth pattern.

  3. I love the pattern and the color scheme. I like the real polish strips much better than stickers/decals. They are easier to mold to the shape of your nail, in my opinion, and are of course less likely to look like stickers. In this case, it just looks like you're amazingly good at stamping.


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