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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December Nail Art Theme Week: Geisha Nails

Nothing to Disclose

One week a month, I team up with a few other blogger friends for a theme week. This week the theme is Japanese. 

Today I've done a Geisha mani for you. ♥

Red: Chanel Lotus Rouge
Pink: Zoya Shelby 
Tan: China Glaze Kalahari Kiss 
Yellow: Milani Yellow Whiz (yes, that's the real name lol) 
Aqua: Chanel Nouvelle Vague
Grey: (for the lines in the fan) Essence Movie Star (mixed with a little white - because yes I was too lazy to get up and go get a lighter grey LOL)

I use Wet n Wild Wild Shine Black Creme and French White nearly every time I need a black or white.

I used a long, thin striping brush and dotting tools and I'm pretty sure I held my tongue just right - you know, sticking out of the left corner of my mouth. 

Be sure and check out the other great manis from my blogger friends below!

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  1. This is so amazing!! Your Geisha is PERFECT!

  2. WOW!!! This looks amazing!!! I especially LOVE the pinky nail!!!

  3. Now I can't help but seeing your image in my mind with that tongue... :P
    This is so beautiful! I honestly cannot understand why you are not much more self-appreciating. Your drawing skills are so amazing!!!

  4. WOW!!! Each nail is absolutely perfect!!! Awesome!


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