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You may be wondering what, exactly, this blog is about. Well, it's a LOT of nail polish "swatches and reviews" posts, for one thing. BUT that's not all! Every now and then, in the midst of all the nail polish, I actually write about something different! Sometimes I rant about things or tell funny stories. Sometimes I review other things like handbags.

As you may have gathered from the header description, it's "pointless musings over a cup of coffee." And mostly that's true. But sometimes I actually make a point. And sometimes, it's even a good one!

I'm a Scots/Irish redhead, with the temper and quirks that go along with that. Mid-forties. Widowed. A bit sarcastic, sometimes a pollyanna and sometimes a cynic. Very weird sense of humor.

I drink a lot of coffee, LOVE my dogs (well I love all dogs,) bacon rocks my world, love to travel and, on occasion, I can be pretty deep. I'm also a sucker for a pretty handbag. And a Whovian. Mustn't forget that!

Wade on in and test the waters.  If you're not into nail polish, check out these posts to get a feel for general content:

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Also, please note the "Non-Nail Polish Posts" button.

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Never explain yourself. Your friends don't need it and your enemies won't believe it.