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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wearing a Pleated Scarf - The Easy Way

Nothing to Disclose

I wear scarves. All the time. Winter and summer. So I love finding different ways to wear them. My friends are always asking me "how did you do that" or I would wear more scarves if I could figure out how to tie them. So today I wore one of my favorite types of scarf - the pleated scarf. There are many variations of pleated scarves but they almost all work with this easy method that I'm going to show you. You don't need a special scarf ring or anything - just any old finger ring.

This is the one I wore today and probably the scarf I get the most compliments on even though it was a cheap re-sale shop find.

Pleated Scarf Tutorial

As I said, this works with most any pleated scarf. Here's the same method with an Hermes Plisse - it's a tighter pleat and looks totally different and still adorable!

Basically, you just grab the edges of both sides of the scarf about half way down and pull them through the ring until secure. Fluff until you're happy with it. SO easy!

If you guys end up liking these scarf posts, I can see if we can make it a regular feature - maybe once a month or something.

In the mean time, if you want to follow the real scarf guru, you might want to check out Mai Tai's blog - she's the sweetest, most elegant awesome lady - she does wardrobe capsules, grows her own lavender, cooks, creates, posts travel photos and she has a special section on her blog with loads of scarf-tying tutorials (right sidebar).

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  1. Replies
    1. Love the plisse scarf! I have the same design in plisse myself.


  2. I love this!!! I've never really worn scarves much because I have no idea what to do with them. LOL I wore one last night and loved it so I'm looking forward to more of these!

  3. Oh what a great post! I love scarves and have a pretty collection of them. I just received a Squared scarf from Hermès as a B-day present and I'm having hard time figuring out how to wear it. . I do have another Hermès carré but it's a bit different fabric and it does not slide so much, so I tie it simply and stays in place, while the new one seems a much thicker silk, and ... well I'm not so good at tying square scarves. Would you have any suggestion?

    1. Sounds like the easy to stay tied one might be a silk jersey - my favorite. The other must be a silk carre and I usually wear those with a basic bias fold and a scarf ring. You might check out MaiTai's instructions here: Good luck! ♥

  4. Love this-- never having worn scarves much, I inherited a collection and love these ideas on how to wear them.

  5. Okay, I HAVE to know -- what polish are you wearing in the tutorial? Lol.


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