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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Azature Red - Swatches and Review

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*The Cruelty-Free status of this product in unknown 

Azature Red

This is the first appearance of Azature on Pointless Cafe but I'm sure you've heard of it before. They  made a big splash on Kelly Osbourne's nails at the 2012 Emmy Awards with their $250K bottle of polish made with 267 carats of black diamonds. Of course this brought out both praise and disdain. But really, in the advertising world, the press they got from it was a bargain!

Azature is an L.A.-based jeweler and you can read more about the quarter million dollar Azature Black Diamond nail polish here. But for those of us who can't or WON'T spend that much on a .5 oz bottle of polish, there's an entire line that retails for $25.00 a bottle. That's better!

Lest you think it's nuts to create such an opulent polish, they've gone above and beyond the $250K price tag to $1Million! They've created a new White Diamond polish with 98 carats of luminous Azature white diamonds with 1,400 individually hand-selected diamonds set in a platinum cap. Upon the sale, Azature will donate the proceeds to charity:

Swatches and review of Azature Red after the jump...

So back down to earth and dispensing with a couple of zeros with a $25.00 bottle, I have swatches of Azature Red for you. This polish had a fantastic formula and went on super smoothly and opaque in two coats. No issues at all with formula or application. The only thing about this polish is that it's top coat hungry. More like starving! You can wear this without topcoat or matte of course, but if you want super shiny, you'll need more than one coat of top coat. Which is totally fine with me because the shiny, glowy, sparkly payoff was totally worth it.

NOTES: Wear time on this was fantastic. No chips and only minimal tip wear even after housework. Removed like a glitter. No staining.

Artificial lighting...

Indirect natural lighting...

And here's what she looks like without top coat...

It doesn't feel gritty without top coat but of course I do prefer it really brings out the glow and sparkle.

And just because it's so sparkly and glowy, it's difficult to photograph, so I decided to show you a few matte photos so you can really see what's in it...

Artificial lighting

Natural lighting


Well what do you think? I personally ADORED this. It's so much better in person than my photographs convey. The depth and shine and sparkle and glowiness are amazing. Is this something you would buy? If so, just as a collector or because it's just so beautiful?

You can find Azature at the Azature website here and on FacebookTwitter and YouTube. The polish can be purchased from Kitson here in the US and at SelfridgesHarvey Nichols Saudi ArabiaRon Robinson and Ron Herman Japan. White Diamonds retails for $30 and the others retail for $25.00. Unless you want to purchase the $1Mil White Diamonds. It's for a good cause after all!

AND, they're now on HSN! With 33 colors!

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  1. wow, that's incredible. Can you think of any close dupes? I hate the thought of real diamonds in nail polish.

  2. That's beautiful! And suddenly $25 doesn't seem like that much.

    1. "suddenly $25 doesn't sound like that much."

      This reminds me...I heard on the radio this morning that stores will carry a $3,000 dress and a $300 dress so that the $300 one seems like a good price in comparison! Ha!


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