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Monday, December 2, 2013

Nail Art Theme Week: Japanese - Day One Japanese Pine Silhouette Against the Flag of Japan

Nothing to Disclose

It's time for Nail Art Theme Week for December! One week a month, I team up with a few other blogger friends for a theme week. This week the theme is Japanese.

I must admit, when I heard the theme, I was stumped for nail art ideas - and I found out that, ashamedly, I know very little about Japanese culture. Thanks to some great programming on the History Channel, I know more about Japan and their contributions to society from an historical viewpoint, but nothing about NOW! I really need to visit Japan. I know I would love it.

So anyway, here's my first entry...

I was actually pretty proud of this one! Of course I had my friend in Japan make sure that the characters do, in fact, say Japan - as opposed to, you know, soup.

I used Wet n Wild Shine French White and Black Creme along with Essence Do You Speak Love for the red.

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  1. It is gorgeous! You did an amazing work ^^ I love the idea, it's just so creative!

  2. You should be proud- this is amazing!

  3. This nail art is so gorgeous!!! One of the best ever seen!!! *_____*

  4. Love it! Such a subtle and beautiful tribute.

  5. This is amazing!! Truly beautiful!!

  6. this is great and bravo for the freehanding

  7. This is just beautiful and wonderful and amazing. I can't say enough!

  8. This is absolutely stunning!!! WOWOWOW!!!!!

  9. this is stunning - it may be simpler but it makes quite an impact!

  10. Great job....looks really beautiful ;)


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