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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Colors by Llarowe Tank Tops and Flip Flops - Swatches and Review

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I longed for winter all summer and now that it's actually COLD here, I'm longing for Spring. My mom always said "never satisfied" and I guess she was right! So tonight I have a really spring-y color to show you. I'm wearing it to brighten up this dreary, overcast day. Plus, here in South Texas, there's never really a wrong time to wear any color.

Colors by Llarowe
Tank Tops and Flip Flops

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Tank Tops and Flip Flops is a light-to-medium violet purple holographic polish. Great formula and application - no issues to report. Two coats and no top coat for the photos.

Artificial lighting...

Indirect natural lighting...


I knew when I first saw this one that I had to have it because it a violet purple and anything remotely violet is MY color! What do you think? Do you have it yet? It's from Colors by Llarowe's Last Shot of Summer Collection and you can keep an eye on the site and FB page for it to make another appearance.

Colors by Llarowe polishes, including this one, are available at Llarowe's shop here. You can like Llarowe on Facebook and follow Llarowe on Twitter for more information and launch times. Holos retail for $12.00, glitters retail for $10.00 and jellies retail for $6.00. Be sure to sign up for the re-stock emails!

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  1. Lovely! But I can't believe you're longing for spring! LOL

  2. I have pretty much all the purple CbLs :D


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