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Monday, December 30, 2013

Kiko 385 "Pastel Blue" - Swatches and Review - and a Comparison

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I swear the Kiko names get lost in translation from Italian to English because this one is not what I would call pastel blue - at least to MY eyes! Maybe a Cornflower Blue? But it's such a gorgeous shade that you know I had to show it.

Kiko 385

This one is a vibrant blue that also has a touch of purple making it *almost* a periwinkle but not quite, I just couldn't capture it. The formula, as is the norm with Kiko, is like butter. Smooth and easy.

Continued after the jump...

I used two coats and no top coat for the photos.

Artificial lighting...


Indirect natural lighting...

And a comparison with Nails Inc. Southwark so you can get a true idea of the shade...


What do you think of this one? It's really SO vibrant and lovely in person!

You can purchase Kiko polishes anywhere from £0.50 to £4.49 on their site here IF you're not in the US. They are based in Italy and ship all over Europe and the UK. Unfortunately, I don't know of any stocklists in the US who carry them. I'm still waiting!

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  1. Aren't you in the US? How do you get your hands on these Kikos??

  2. I've never owned any Kikos, but this one looks absolutely beautiful. Can never go wrong with my favorite color!

  3. What a lovely colour! I'll definitely have to pick up some Kiko's soon.

  4. Gorgeous, but I'd say cornflower or marine blue.

  5. Love it! One of my favorite brands!


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