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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ringing in the New Year...and Barbies

Nothing to Disclose

To all who are planning on a fabulous night out ringing in the New Year in high style - KUDOS! Stay safe and have fun....

...but just one question before you go if it's not too much trouble?  What, exactly, makes a fabulous night out? I love to laugh. I have fun. And yet, I think I'm missing the "party" gene. I can't even define "partying."

It's like barbies. I used to call my best friend and the conversation would go something like this:

Me: What are you doing?
Her: Playing with barbies.
Me: But what are you DOING?
Her: I told you, I'm playing with barbies.
Me: I know but what are you DOING with the barbies?
Her: Just playing with them.
Me: I mean HOW are you playing with them.
Her: What do you mean?
Me: I mean tell me exactly what you're doing with them.
Her: Well... (silence) What? Are you writing a book? I gotta go. (click)

Yes Cindy, I'm talking about YOU!

I just couldn't figure out how to play with them. They didn't DO anything. You could change their clothes over and over but I never got past that - and how is that even fun? Did I just not have an imagination?

I don't think that was it because I could sit down with a blank sheet of paper and a pen and write fantastically absurd stories, transporting myself to other worlds and other lifetimes. And draw colorful "masterpieces" in which each mark had a specific meaning. Or create secret languages. Heck, wrapping a handkerchief around my eyes and feeling my way around the house (you know in case I ever went blind) was more fun than barbies for crying out loud!

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How many times can you pose them or change their clothes?

I just sucked at barbies.

In the same way, I suspect, that I suck at partying. I can't figure out exactly HOW to party and when I ask? Well, after the odd looks I get when they realize I'm seriously asking such a ridiculous question, I get answers much like my friend gave about playing with barbies. So I guess you either know how or you don't?

Maybe if I had a friend close by who was a partier, I could tag along and figure it out, but I suspect that trying to dissect it would kill it. It can't JUST be drinking. In my younger days, I went with my husband to a few NYE parties at bars. Had a few drinks, danced a few dances, laughed. Is that "partying?" It certainly didn't feel like the blurry, incoherent view I have semi-formed in my head of what partying is. I looked at my watch, tried to "pretend drink" the nasty but obligatory glass of champagne at midnight, wondered if the dogs were okay, enjoyed the kiss at midnight and made a bee-line for home. Am I a stick-in-the-mud?

Or maybe...just maybe I'm the "slow kid in class" who turns out to be so far ahead of the class that I'm just bored? Yeah, that's it! (She thought wishfully.)

So this year, I'm staying home with the dogs. I have Murphy now, a rescue who's 100 pounds of love and scared of his own shadow. He hates fireworks, so he will be inside, under Mommy's feet. Safe.

And don't even get me started on "making resolutions" for the new year. Yeah, I won't be doing that.

I will be making THIS sign to hang in my office though.

You know...just so I don't forget.

Happy New Year!!!!

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  1. And this, my friend, is why we became such fast friends! LOL! I sucked at barbies too - and you know I suck at partying. And I'm so glad to know I wasn't the only one who "practiced" in case they ever went blind. Hahaha! ♥

  2. haha, I was barbie retarded too!!! or any doll for that matter! I remember I won a contest as a kid for a best Halloween costume and number one prize for a girl was a doll and for for a boy it was a toy truck. I wanted that truck so so badly instead of the doll!!! I do know how to party though =)))
    Happy New Year, Sheila!!!

    1. Yeah dolls were not my thing. If I got books for Christmas I was the happiest lil girl ever.

  3. Well, chez moi-- the NYE question is: Who will go to sleep first? Me, hub, or animals? This year looks like I lost. I wondered whether I should do an NYE mani and take off my current vampy brown. Hub was like: What and open the window? It's cold! (I always try to do nails with good air circulation.) Party animals we are not. Spoiling our fur babies is more our style. And I do worry that my little boy cat is missing his departed sis as much as we are or even worse. So if reincarnation exists I hope she will reappear as a kitten in the spring and we will find her and bring her home to give him some comfort. That's my dearest New Year's wish.

    Happy New Year, Sheila to you and your a-dog-gables.

    1. Aw poor kitty. I hope so too. Hope you have a great New Year! ♥

  4. Happy New Year Sheila! I never was into Resolutions for a new year! Why do I have to save good ideas up to that day? What if I have a particular bee in my brain next month? And LOL about dolls and Barbies, with me, they were my audience. I used to dress them, sit them in a neat row on our Couch and then they had to "watch" me play. I rather preferred to build sceneries and once I finished any of them, I would tear them down and start a different one. Cuddles to your doggies <3

  5. Yay! So I was not the only one in the world who did not know how to play with dolls :)
    and I am not good at parties, either. except very small and cozy ones, maybe - 5-6 friends and some game like Monopoly or Alias... er, do I sound like a nerd? :))))

  6. I always just brushed their hair, that was what I enjoyed. :) And yeah, partying is pretty much what you described - going out, having a few drinks, maybe dancing, enjoying the company of friends, etc.

    Happy New Year to you and the pups!

    1. Or hosting/going to a house party, that's also partying. ;)

  7. Happy New Year! Another party-and-Barbie-challenged nerd here - you've got quite a club coming together! I had a big, blue, stuffed poodle. I used to make a 'harness' for it out of my jump rope so he could be my guide dog while I pretended to be blind. He wasn't much of a leader, as I recall! I love reading your posts - thank you for being you and sharing with us!

  8. I sucked at Barbies as well... I made my mum play them and I liked watching her... :)

  9. barbies at my house was all about adventure stories: she and he-man went to go rescue gi joe from the bowels of castle greyskull. the wardrobe changes were incidental :)

  10. Uh oh, I happened to have excelled at playing with Barbies, BUT in any other way I couldn't be creative to save my soul. As for partying, I used to go to house parties and other assorted fun nights. I know this will date me but I feel lost now hearing about limos, bottle fees, etc.


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