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Monday, September 1, 2014

Extend-A-Mani: Pollock-esque Nail Art with Elevation Polish

Nothing to Disclose

Time for another Extend-A-Mani!


Here's what I used...

I started out wearing Elevation Polish The Twinkle in Yeti's Eye. One of the most difficult polishes I've ever tried to photograph! It's a very bright, saturated teal that just seems to look blue. But I think I outsmarted it at the end of this post!

And then I wore it with a gradient of Elevation Polish Cuernos del Paine...

With flash

With flash it's too green ^^^^

And to extend it even more, I did Pollock-esque accent nails using the splatter method - with a coffee stir stick and something I have plenty of. Hot air. You just "put your lips together and blow." For this I used my go-to black creme, Wet n Wild WildShine Black Creme along with Elevation Polish Mount Ventoux and I Got the Axe...

See how blue? ^^^^

So I used my cell phone and held a bottle of BLUE polish (hehehe)

Not a great pic but the color is finally closer!

Hope you're having a great Labor Day weekend!

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Ellison's Organics: The Doctor Who Collection - Swatches and Review

*These products are Cruelty Free 

Happy Labor Day! Today I have a new collection from Ellison's Organics to show you and it's inspired by one of my favorite things! Doctor Who!

Ellison's Organics
Doctor Who Collection

I have LOTS of thoughts on Doctor Who. Especially right now with the new Doctor but I'll save most of them for a separate post because people tend to get, um...argumentative? I will say that I LOVE Capaldi and I'm hoping for a more Eccleston-esque Doctor. Darker, but still funny. Less human, less knowable but hopefully not like the first few Hartnell episodes.

I'm excited for next week and going back into the past with Robin Hood. I'm hoping they save the year 2 billion and black holes and such for later. Give me Shakespeare and Van Gogh and Charles Dickens and Agatha Christie in the past and let us get to know him  "in familiar territory."

I realize that a "tapestry" is being woven as we go, but let each episode be enjoyable on its own too please!

Okay that's enough - on to the pretty polish!

Continued after the jump...

Friday, August 29, 2014

Darling Diva Polish: Fischy! Fischy! Fischy! and Dog Rescue...

*This product is Cruelty Free 

Today I have a very special polish to show you. It's not just special because it's beautiful. And it's not just special because the creator is a sweet, lovely friend with a huge heart and a wicked sense of humor. It's special because it's a charity polish with 100% of the proceeds going to a dog rescue...something closer to my own heart than just about anything. In this case, it's going to Basset Buddies Rescue of Wisconsin. More on that later.

Darling Diva Polish
Fischy! Fischy! Fischy!

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Dotticure Week: Day 5 - Swirly Dots

Nothing to Disclose

I'm back for Day 5 of Dotticure Week with the Digit-al Dozen! Today I have a Swirly Dotticure for you! This is an Extend-A-Mani. Actually almost all of my dotting manis are Extend-A-Manis. It's a fun way to get a different look out of your mani without actually re-doing your whole manicure.

Swirls Dotticure

For this mani I used a base of a-England Sleeping Palace. The dots are a base of white using Salon Perfect Sugar Cube and topped with a sheer Wet n Wild Wildshine called Deception.

Be sure and check out the other great dotticures this week in the links below!

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