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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Christian Louboutin Nail Lacquers - Yes or No?

Nothing to Disclose

Happy Wednesday?

Just a quick question for you. At $50 a bottle for Christian Louboutin's new nail lacquers, will you or won't you?

Photo Cred: George Chinsee

Seeing that the story behind Loubie's red soled shoes is that he used an actual bottle of red nail polish as inspiration for the famous red sole, I guess it's only fitting that he would eventually delve into the world of nail polish.

Christian Louboutin Beauté is a joint venture between Christian Louboutin’s fashion company and New York-based Batallure Beauty.

Apparently, the signature red shade will launch August 6th in several big-named department stores and possibly even be available at Sephora. The remaining 30 shades will launch in stores world-wide August 31, 2014.

 (Info from WWD - read more about it in the link)

So will you?

Me? Well I do collect nail polish but I'm not sure yet. I'll probably wait for reviews. I only collect things I USE like purses, scarves, nail polish. And if the formula isn't good or the color isn't unique to my collection, I'll probably pass. The $50 price tag wouldn't STOP me necessarily, but it would deter me. But just because of the name on the bottle? Nope.

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  1. I totally agree with you. I only collect things I use. I'm not sure about this yet. I'll wait for reviews.

  2. $50? No way. There couldn't possibly be anything that special in their nail polish.

  3. I think I'll wait to read your review before dropping $50! The Loubie red is enticing.

  4. No way, for that much they are just charging for the designer name

  5. Unless something absolutely spectacular is going on here (minx red for nails on a brush?) I can't see myself dropping half a bill. I agree that it's all about the name.

  6. This is insane. Definitely the added designer nail is the excuse for the price. X

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  7. The price tag is ridiculous in my opinion. And just another red with a few extra "finishes" ... no thanks :) I'd rather save the money and buy his shoes :D

  8. It's not the most ridiculously priced polish out there. Are we forgetting Azature's $250,000 black diamond nail polish? How about the LEs on eBay that sell for several hundred w/o box? It's not for the average person, agreed. This is a LUXURY item with custom bottle (made by Pochet) and packaging (handmade and takes 22 weeks to make each piece), so I can see why the high cost. Am I saying everyone should buy it? No. It's not FOR everyone. Just like the shoes are not for everyone. Will I buy it? Very likely. But that's how I roll.

  9. While the price tag would keep me from purchasing a lot of them, if the formula is nice I would definitely buy that red on the left! And maybe the taupe... ;)

  10. "And if the formula isn't good or the color isn't unique to my collection, I'll probably pass"
    So will I.

    I'm very fond of Loubou shoes, I'd rather prefer having a pair of his shoes in my shoe rack than a 50$ ordinary nail polish in my helmer.
    BTW the first bottle is very intriguing, love the black/red gradient.

  11. I would definitely get the red polish if it was guaranteed chip-free for five weeks but only if it came with a pendant that said "I am wearing Christian Louboutin." Just for the sheer joy of watching people steal a quick glance at my feet only to wonder whether my turquoise and black flip flops were the real deal. (Does that answer your question?)

  12. $50 for nail polish? No way. Not buying that. It's pushing my limit already at $9-10 and the color better be outstanding or have some other feature that I can't live without like glassfleck shimmer or holo bomb goodness.

  13. As for me - this bottles are dangerous for kids:)

  14. Um, no. I'm only willing to shell out $50 for a polish because of the rarity factor (Enchanteds anyone?) but no way am I just going to willingly hand it to the Neiman Marcus counter for a color that's not exactly original. Give me something I've never seen before, with an exclusivity variable, and it's justifiable. Like his shoes. I have two pairs of them and they were well worth it. I will literally wear them the rest of my life. But nail polish that can't touch the proverbial little finger of so many indie brands that put out amazing, not to mention unique, creations year after year? I'd rather save up all the money I'd burn for another pair of those heels.

  15. It looks like the sort of red nail polish a fetish queen would use.


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