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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Scofflaw Nail Varnish Winter 2014 Collection - Drop Dead Fred

*This product is Cruelty Free 

Today continues swatches of the new Scofflaw Winter 2014 Collection set to launch January 5th, 2013. Right now I have Drop Dead Fred to show you.

Here's what the creator had to say about this collection and her inspiration: Now, you may have noticed I don't really do 'collections', per se. Only in the most vague way. If the winter collection had a theme, it would be the idea of 'comfort'. My go-to colors. Colors that make me feel cozy. Polish names that give me a warm fuzzy - you get the idea!


I've decided to give each one of these beauties its own post so I could show you both in artificial lighting and indirect natural lighting without trying to keep it short. Then I will do a round-up post so they'll all be in one place for future reference.

Continued after the jump...

Drop Dead Fred is BAM! In your face! Now I must admit that I haven't seen the 80s cult classic movie of the same name. Yes, I know. I should come out from under my rock more often. This is a chartreuse green shimmer base with various sizes of metallic blue and gold glitters and what looks to be a goldish copper glitter that the maker calls butterscotch glitter. I don't know why, but butterscotch glitter just sounds so awesome. There's a lot of gold shimmer and I think I even see what looks to be like rose colored translucent micro micro flakes. No really! Macro at the end.

I used two coats and one coat of top coat for the photos. No issues to report at all on this one either. The glitters are all well-suspended and the formula and application were smooth and easy.

Artificial lighting...

Indirect natural lighting...


Here's a photo so you can see all the names without searching...

Aren't those labels ADORABLE?


Eight down with two more beauties coming up before the day is out! These will go live on the site on January 5th! That's TOMORROW!

What do you think of Drop Dead Fred? And Am I the only person on the planet who hasn't seen the movie?

Be sure and check out the links below to stay up-to-date on all the news and information. These will retail for $9 each on the NEW Scofflaw Big Cartel site.



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  1. I haven't seen the movie either, but I'll be buying Drop Dead Fred if for no other reason than it's my ex-husband's name! Too funny!


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