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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Yes, it's Dior, Dahling! Tonka and New World Purple (Aztec Chocolate)

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Good morning! Today I'm getting together with some of my blogger friends for a Dior Mani Day! This gives me a chance to show you a couple of Diors I haven't gotten around to showing yet, one fairly old and the other really isn't that new either. Tonka and New World Purple!

Tonka and New World Purple

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First up, Tonka #717. I'm not sure what year Tonka came out but it still has the older brush - not the old old (round) one - it's still flat, but not as wide and not beveled like the newer ones. Creamy smooth formula in a sort of warm-toned, burnt sienna shade with lots of shimmer in what looks to be gold and pink/violet! It's stunning. Two coats and one coat of top coat for the photos.


New World Purple (Violet Nouveau Monde) #886 is a shimmery, bronzey, cool-toned brown. While the literal translation of the French name of this one is, in fact, New World Purple, it's not really "purple." The original name of this one is Aztec Chocolate (2010), which fits it much better in my opinion. does have faint purple undertones which are more apparent when seen next to another color like blue. The formula and application were good. Tons of multi-colored shimmer. It has the newer, wide, beveled brush and if you take care, you won't have too much of a brush-strokey look. Two coats and one coat of top coat for the photos.

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