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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Stash Post - Dior and Chanel

Nothing to Disclose
*These products may NOT be Cruelty Free

Just a quick Stash Post for you tonight - Dior and Chanel

These things are ever-changing so I don't do it often, but I get lots of requests for some reason. I'd rather see them on the nail personally, but there is something quick yummy about seeing all the bottles lined up together.

I have some not so up-to-date stash pics in the My Polish Collection tab above, which I will be updating soon, hopefully. I actually did take more photos just at the beginning of January that I'll put on that page in the next week or so.

Of course I missed one in this pic - Trench is sitting on my desk because I just used it for undies for a glitter polish swatch. Oops!

My favorite? Well that's just about impossible to pick my favorite Dior, but Gris Montaigne, Minuit, Purple Candy, Trench and Dune are probably my top 5.

What are your favorite Dior polishes?

Chanel Stash...

Favorite Chanels...Well the Russies of course, Particuliere, Rouge Fatal, Malice, Charivari.

Your favorite Chanels?

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  1. havent tried one yet so no favorite so far

  2. Amazing stash! Riviera, Diablotine and Purple Mix are probably my top 3 (but I don't have nearly as many as you!).

  3. Holy Dior and Chanel batman! I've never actually tried either polish, but I am sure I will at some point!

  4. What an amazing stash. My favourite Diors are Shadow, Liquorice and Poison - my favourite Chanels Malice, Azuré and Accessoire :o).

    Kind regards,

  5. Oooh your stash is marvellous!
    I'm not very good with Dior wide brush, that's why I prefer their LE. My favourites are Golden Jungle Duo ("crocodile skin" cracking polish) and Marilyn.
    Picking favourite Chanels is way harder. Les Khakis, Malice, Nouvelle Vague, Riva, Rouge Rubis (though new - this one has already become a favourite)

  6. Holy Nail Polish! I might have to put aside $25 or so a month to get me some of those pretties!

  7. This is amazing!

    My fav. Chanel is Taboo and my fav. Dior must be Diva.

  8. Of course, their polishes are all gorgeous. I'd love to buy Chanel or Dior, but until they change their policies and go cruelty-free, I'm opting to spend my $ elsewhere. Hopefully, they will get with the program soon.

  9. My favorite is Malice and Minuit as well!

  10. My first reaction was to think hmm, there are a lot of similar colors it seems. Then I went ahead and inventoried my own stash. I came face-to-face with just HOW many pinks, greens, glitters - especially glitters - I had. You'll get no 'tsk tsk' from me! LOL


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