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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dior Bloom 777, Bouquet 457 and Perlé 187 - from the Dior Trianon Collection for Spring 2014

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Dior Trianon Collection for Spring 2014
Bloom, Blouquet and Perlé

There are 6 new polishes out right now from Dior. I showed you Pampille and Porcelaine here and Blossom here. Now I have the last three for you! Bloom, Bouquet and Perlé.

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Bloom is a  bright, rich fuchsia pink creme. The formula and application were absolutely perfect. Two coats and no top coat.


Bouquet is a creamy peach coral. The application on this one, for me, was a little different from Bloom in that it wasn't that perfect, self-leveling formula. It's not horrible and if you love the shade, it's worth it. I did have to use a 3rd coat to level things out, but it's plenty opaque enough for 2 coats. Three coats, no top coat.


Perlé. Now Perlé has stolen my itty bitty heart. I'm not the biggest fan of layering top coats, but this one is amazing. This is a matte topper with what looks to be pink shimmer initially. The blue shimmer starts to show itself over Bloom. But over black the blue and purple shimmers really shine. Perfect formula. One coat layered over Bouquet, Bloom, black and white.

Over Bouquet...

Over Bouquet with a Bloom accent nail...

And with a shiny top coat...

 And over black and white...

With a shiny top coat...


What do you think? My favorites are Bloom and Perlé out of all six new shades. Everyone needs Perlé and I'm not that into "toppers" so that's saying something! The only one I would pass on is Pampille just because it's not "me" and Blossom is a maybe just because I don't love sheer polishes. I think it would be pretty as a topper but it will only really look great over a similar shade. Perlé is going to look great over anything!

Retail for Pampille, Porcelaine, Bloom, Blossom and Bouquet is $24 and Perle retails for $25. These can be found at (Perlé) and (Blossom, Pampille and Porcelaine) as well as Dior counters (Bouquet and Porcelaine) and possibly (Bouquet). I got my Bloom at Saks but they seem to be out as this posts. It appears that has Bloom, Bouquet, Perlé and Porcelaine right now.

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  1. I didn't think I needed these but you changed my mine!! WOWZA!!

  2. beautiful swatches! Just ordered Perle and Bouquet from!

  3. That's an amazing topcoat. I love it over the black and white. It really showcases the sparkle. I don't usually care for matte finishes, but I could be persuaded!

  4. I like the polish without the glitter. Nice polishes.


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