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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekend Bits and Bobs: January 26, 2014 - Lipstick, Getting the Boat Stuck, a Squee Moment and Dogs

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Once again, a pretty uneventful week. Still no word on my car, purse, etc. Not that I expected any. But if I ever find the ones who stole them, this is the meme that pops into me head...

Continued after the jump...

Martin Luther King Jr. Day was near 80° and sunny so we took the boat out for a bit...

Feeding frenzy ensues when people are cleaning fish and tossing the waste back into the water. These pelicans are spoiled!

Sunning themselves...

Such a gorgeous day!

Wearing Chanel...

The tide was so low that we got the boat stuck in the sludge in the canal momentarily pulling out of the slip! You can see how low it is here - yes, those are oysters clinging to the sides at the water line...

Here's where we got stuck!

I just love seeing dogs having fun too! Mine go sometimes, but not today. Twinkie is a spaz and Murphy is unsure, so we take them about every other time.

I bought a couple of MAC Lipsticks from a blog sale...yes, brand new, unused from someone I "know."

Mocha is quite opaque and Mellow Flame is more shimmery. I'm not sure when these came out but the Mocha is starting to get "that smell" like it's getting old. Bummer. I don't think MAC is CF anymore, so I don't purchase from the company.

So...a first for me and my squee-worthy moment of the week: I was in Nail It! And I have a few more things in the works with them. I also broke 9K on the Pointless Cafe Facebook Page and I am getting better at Instagram...slowly. Pinterest is over 12K now. You guys are so awesome!

You can click the pic to read the article.

Puppy tongue! This is what Twinks and Murphy did most of this week...

And finally, my favorite mani of the week...

Philly Loves Lacquer 2 AM Coffee Run

And how was YOUR week?

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  1. SOunds like a great week....those MLK Day photos are gorgeous! :D

  2. So jealous of that nice weather! We just went to Level 2 snow emergency in our county in central Ohio. :O

  3. Wow, what a gorgeous day that was! And is one of your dogs a corgi? I love their little legs, and watching them when they run!

    1. No corgi - my friend has one though! Murphy is a golden retriever/pit mix and Twinks is an Australian Cattle Dog

  4. Perfect weather for boating! Sounds like a very relaxing weekend.


  5. So jealous of the warm weather. We've got the "Polar Vortex," here in Buffalo.


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