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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Weekend Bits and Bobs: January 12, 2014 - a Living Locket, A Cool Mani, a Cold Nose and a BACON SCARF!

Nothing to Disclose

The weekend's almost over and I'm just getting to this. I was going to leave you guys without a Bits and Bobs post this week, but I didn't want to set a precedent. You know how that goes. "Aw Mom, I'm going to skip church this Sunday." And 4 years later, your excuse is that it's been too long that you can't go back now!

So there's not much for this week. I neglected to get pics of a couple of cute outfits I was going to show you. The week was pretty uneventful and the weekend brought a ton of swatching I needed to do for you. But I have a couple of things.

I got a Living Locket!

I'd seen them but didn't think I was interested...until I was and I just HAD to have one! They're from Origami Owl and you pick each component. I chose the 30" Over Your Heart Chain, the large silver locket and, so far, 7 charms. Since I got the chain that accommodates an additional locket, I'll probably get a small or medium to add later.

I got lots of nail mail (not for review just stuff I bought or gifts).

This is a cute "ornament swap" package from the lovely Gina over at Red Dog Designs. SHE MADE THAT SCARF AND IT'S A STRIP OF BACON!!! Ahem, sorry for shouting. But bacon excites me! She made that cute ornament too!

A few blog sale purchases and extra gifts that the lovely Hazel over at Sweet Southern Haze sent! She gifted me that MAC lipstick and unfortunately, it's so freaking awesome!

A lovely package from my awesome UK friend Kim over at The Ides of Polish.

There's been more, but leave it to me not to be able to find the photos right now. LOL!


And a mani I haven't shown you! I used Elevation Polish Base Camp and Eiger both of which I got from the Annual Charity Auction that Lulu does every October.


And Twinks says Hi! Whatcha doin'?

Well those are all the bits and bobs for this week. HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

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  1. That locket is interesting, I will look that up at a more civilized hour (which for me is after noon - too bad it's Monday!!)
    Love puppy pic!!! :D

  2. Great post! The Living Locket, bacon scarf, and Twinks are way too cute!

  3. How did I miss the Living Lockets? I think I need one now :/


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