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Monday, January 20, 2014

My Favorite Shimmers for the Season - as featured in Nail It! Magazine

Nothing to Disclose

Check out 9 of my favorite shimmers for the season in Nail It! Magazine!

Winter Nail Trends - 9 Shimmers You Should Try - Nail It Magazine

Go check it out! ♥

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  1. It's great that they chose you to do the article and those are some gorgeous polishes. It's sad though that only one of those polishes is under $10, readily available, but only at Walmart. Most of the everyday, DIY polish wearers I know are young, either just starting out or married with young children. Polish is something they can do for themselves in that wee bit of 'me' time after the kids are in bed. Their budgets don't have room for mid to high end polishes, even if they had the time to spend cruising blogs on the 'puter and knew they were out there. I'd love to see this article updated with a list of polishes under $10, available at brick and mortar places like drugstores and big everything stores. Obviously, I do have lots of time and a much more friendly budget thank goodness, but I find even a great brand like Zoya is mostly unknown unless you cruise the blogs. Young women that don't frequent salons always give me a blank look when I tell them the polish they just asked me about is a Zoya.

    Absolutely lovely

    1. Hi Sandi, thanks for your comment! I'd love to do one with 10 polishes for under $10! But they didn't ask for that. It's fairly hard these days with Revlon buying out Sinful and Pure Ice. to find Cruelty-Free polishes. Even the ones on this list aren't - like Chanel, Dior, Pure Ice. That's why I'm loving indie polishes lately. I have an entire series called Thrifty Thursday that showcases less expensive polishes. ♥


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