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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

SoFlaJo Just Love Her Collection - Swatches and Review

*These products are Cruelty Free 

One of my favorite indie makers has just released a trio of polishes for Valentine's Day: SoFlaJo Just Love Her Collection, consisting of Pink If You Love Me, Goldstone and Teal Me a Bedtime Story.

Just Love Her Collection

I love that she releases smaller, more diverse collections.

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Goldstone is a rich red-brown jelly/crelly with gold micro-flakes.Formula and application were great and I had no issues at all. Because it is a jelly/crelly (I'd say more of a jelly actually) I did use 3 light coats but it's super shiny so I didn't use a top coat.

Artificial lighting...

Indirect natural lighting...


Pink If You Love Me is a light-to-medium pink with a subtle holo and silver shimmer. I used two coats of this one with not top coat for the photos. No issues to report. Helpful hint: Use light coats and let it dry slightly between coats, even using 3 super light coats of you need to so that it doesn't build up too thick.

Artificial lighting...

Full afternoon sun...

Indirect natural lighting...


Teal Me a Bedtime Story is a thin light teal jelly base absolutely chock FULL of silver holo stars and teal holo moon glitters as well as iridescent and teal hexes and a generous helping of silver, holo and/or teal shimmer. The formula was on the thinner side in this one, making the glitters slide off the brush. I used a toothpick and fished out the stars and moons. I usually have to do this with larger glitters like this anyway so that I can place them on the nail where I want. My nails have a "high arch" and in order for them not to hang off the sides or appear to stick up, I place them toward the center. There was no issue with getting the glitters because it really is packed. Two coats and one coat of top coat for the photos (and a matte top coat on the photos at the end).

Artificial lighting...

Indirect natural lighting...

And I couldn't resist putting on a matte top coat (butter LONDON Matte Finish Top Coat)...


All three of these were great and have great application if you polish using my helpful hints. My favorite is Goldstone.

What do you think? Favorite?

Goldstone is a very limited edition, single pour shade and once they're gone, they're gone, so if you want that one, hurry!

SoFlaJo polishes can be purchased on These are available now! Full-sized bottles retail for $10.00 each. Also be sure to "like" SoFlaJo on Facebook and follow on Twitter to stay up-to-date on what's happening!

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  1. Your swatches if all the polishes from all the makers make me want to buy everything! Lol

    1. Awww, thanks. ♥ That means a lot coming from you. I wouldn't suggest that you purchase these particular polishes at retail though. I think you can get a huge discount on them from the maker. (giggle)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!! Goldstone is my favorite but they are all super pretty!

  3. Did you try Bedtime Story as a topper? It's way too sheer for my taste, but cute.


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