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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dior Josephine #506 - Selfridges Exclusive

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*This product may NOT be Cruelty Free


Dior Josephine #506 - a Selfridges Exclusive, is the same polish released late 2013 here in the US as a Dillard's Exclusive called Alexa #506. WHEW! Because you know I was going to need that with no way to get it. So I'm relieved and also, Dior, STOP THAT!

Dior: stock photo

Here's Alexa #506 Dillard's Exclusive

It really is the same one and that's actually GOOD NEWS because the UK couldn't get Alexa, so if you wanted this one, here's your chance!

To see the full post with lots of photos and more swatches, see my post on Dior Alexa #506 here.

What do you think? Will you grab this one from Selfridges? What do you think about them issuing the same shades under different names? Is the numbering system enough to keep you from purchasing dupes? I'm okay with it as long as they keep the numbers the same, but it is rather confusing. Chanel does it too, so Dior isn't the only one.

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  1. I just checked and nail polish is only delivered in the UK, not international from Selfridges. So no chance outside the UK :(
    But this is really a beautiful polish :)) Why is it just so limited?

    1. I just stared at the pics and thought 'WHY?'. Why not in Germany?
      May be soon Dior will release the same polish with a different name for our market. It might be called 'Sissi' or 'Angela' ;DDD


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