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Thursday, January 30, 2014

GOT Polish! Golden Oldie Thursday: Dots - Starring Illamasqua

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I have a serious problem in that I am always looking for that NEW polish fix when I have so many lovely polishes languishing in the drawer...polish I love enough to save them from purges or the donation box. And yet I don't wear them!

So when Debbie over at The Crumpet put together the GOT Polish Challenge, I was all for it! GOT stands for Golden Oldie Thursday - we pull out a polish that's a year old or older that we haven't worn. This Thursday is dots! So I've pulled out 3 Illamasqua polishes for this one...Stance, Faux Pas and Fern.

GOT Polish Challenge: Dots
Starring Illamasqua

Continued after the jump...

I started with Illamasqua Stance...

And added dots with Faux Pas and Fern...

And then of course I had to "mattify all the things!"

And this is what was going on while I did this mani...

Be sure and check out all the other great GOT Polish manicures in the links below!

If you want to  join in the fun, you can find out the details here:

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  1. This is so pretty and bright and FUN!!!

  2. The mani is great! Especially matte! :)

  3. Fern used for DOTS?!?!?! That just as bad as me putting glitter over a Dior (or so you and Ash tell me!) hahahaha This is beautiful!!!!

  4. Oh, I LOVE Illamasqua Stance. Looks like a great candidate for the Color of the Year. Many of the polishes put forth as that seemed to lean more toward the blue-ish end of the spectrum, whereas, from the color swatch I've seen, Radiant Orchid seems to lean more toward the reddish end. And I am really surprised there have not been hardly any of the reddish fuschia polishes presented as Color of the Year. Maybe it's not going to be as popular a color choice as the coral and emerald were? I am willing to give it a chance!

    I love your mani - so pretty and elegant. And thanks for showing all those others. It's always interesting to see different interpretations of a theme. (and give Murphy a belly rub for us!)


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