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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Indie Spotlight: SoFlaJo - Swatch Spam

Some items were provided and others I purchased
*These products are Cruelty Free 

Tonight I have another of my Swatch Spam posts. I've done others on Cult Nails, butter LONDON, etc. and you guys seemed to like them. Since SoFlaJo is about to release her newest collection, I thought I'd shine the spotlight on her brand while we wait! Plus it's fun to see all the different nail lengths and how much my photos have improved!

You can find all of my SoFlaJo swatches by looking at the labels on the left sidebar or using the search function on the left sidebar if you want to read my reviews and see more swatches.

Continued after the jump...

First up, my favorite SoFlaJo ever...The True Death (Halloween 2012)

The rest are in random order...

Kranberry Kiss (Holiday 2013)

Evergreen (Holiday 2013)

A Snake on the Hand is Worth Two on the Toes Collection (September 2013)


Manhattan (May 2012)


Call Forth Dragons (May 2012)

Party Time Collection (November 2012)



Ice Dancer

Hidden Gem

Red Carpet

Yule Tidings


The Matte Love Collection (January 2013)

Black Beauty

Black Dagger

Going Down


Last to Leave

Pink It Up


White Sensation


Watch Over Me (January 2013)


Spider Funk (September 2012)


Wet Dreams Collection (Summer 2013)

Salmon Chanted Evening

Shark Bite

Not Tonight I've Got a Haddock

I'm a Star-fish

For the Halibut

Gulfstream Dream

My Sign's Aquarium

The beauty of this brand, in addition to the creative, unique offerings is that they are all still available on the SoFlaJo site.

There are lots more I just haven't gotten around to so go check them out! Among my favorites, other than The True Death which tops the list, are Anaconda, Kranberry Kiss, Jugular Vein, Shark Bite, Pink It Up and Involved. And let me tell you, Black Dagger and White Sensation are the perfect black and white polishes for layering, nail art, etc.

Have you tried out any of SoFlaJo's polishes?

I can't wait to see the newest collection!

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  1. This reminds me how many are still on my wish list!

  2. This is a fun trip down memory lane!! LOVE!!

  3. I haven't tried any from this brand yet. You showed many pretties, but the one that stands out in my mind is Involved.


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