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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Um...WOW! Dior Les Vernis Violets Hypnotiques

These newest Dior polishes are right up my alley! PURPLE!

These images are from and I think you should all go directly to their site and check these out!

I'm going to let you get the scoop/details from them, since I'm not in the business of stealing images or stories from other sites.  But I thought you HAD to see these! That's, folks!

Photo from
Photo from
WANT! (And I wouldn't mind having that purple Lady Dior in the first pic, either.)

Can you even STAND it?

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  1. I want! Omg! They are out of pretty! Amazing!

    <3 B.

  2. omg!!!!!!!!!3 purples!!!!!>w< seriously I want all of them!!!

  3. PURPLE Goodness - *dies and goes to polish heaven*. My wallet cries now!!!

  4. I think I stopped breathing for a second. OMG Need!

  5. Aw yeah!! I love purple!! :D

  6. Anyone find any information about where we can purchase these? I can't find anything out there, Not available online at Dior or in the stores like Macys Nordstroms I have to have these purples and I"m afraid they are limited I may miss them. thanks in advance

    1. They are available in France right now and limited locations in Europe. I've *heard* July for release in the states BUT possibly another "exclusive* (hoping it's Nordstrom) early release in the states too - like maybe May or June?


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