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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Holographic Nail Mail, Batman! - Make Up Store Holos

I do LOVE a great linear holo and Greta and Britta from *Make Up Store certainly don't disappoint! I can hardly wait to try them!

Make Up Store - Greta

Make Up Store Britta
You can't really see the holo goodness in the bottles (much like Nfu-Oh) but it's there!

Make Up Store - Britta and Greta

Make Up Store - Britta and Greta

Make Up Store - Britta 

Make Up Store - Greta

This is two coats on the nail wheel, no top coat.  Aren't they yummy?

These are available at Make Up Store - click to go to their site and find a location near you. Unfortunately, there isn't a store near me and I haven't found them for sale online. (If anyone knows an online store who sells them, please leave me a note in the comments!)

I will post more photos on the hand here...stay tuned!

*Note: The name of the store is "Make Up Store" not The Makeup Store as shown on my photos.

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  1. I like them! Britta is super pretty!

  2. These are both so pretty!! :D

  3. Amazing polishes! How did you get them in the mail if you can't order them online?

    1. Friends! Plus, I've just been told that if you call them they will happily ship to you.


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