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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Zoya Ibiza - Swatches and Review

Yes, you are correct! I am now pulling polishes out from 2009! Well sadly, I missed out on all the hoopla back then so I get to celebrate them all like they're brand new again, because, you know...they ARE brand new for me!

Zoya Ibiza is from the Dare Collection, which was a part of Zoya's Truth or Dare Collection for Fall of 2009. (And it's still available on their site because you see, Zoya doesn't pull any of the "oh let's see what the buzz is about with this collection and discontinue it to create a frenzy!" stuff. Yeah, Zoya's funny like that. They make a great product in unique colors and it kinda speaks for itself. Go figure.)

Okay, on to the polish! Ibiza is a deep, shimmery indigo blue. It's maybe a bit blackened, creating that "lit from within" look with the shimmer. It's not one of those extremely glowy, NSFW polishes though - the shimmer is barely visible unless the light hits it just right. Just enough to make it interesting.

Zoya Ibiza

Zoya Ibiza

Zoya Ibiza

Zoya Ibiza
As always, photos click to enlarge.

I'm pretty happy that it doesn't read totally black as deep blues have a tendency to do on me. Application was, as always, smooth and perfect in two coats. I think one might have done the trick if you're careful, but I used a light 2nd coat to even things out.

Just look how shiny it is! =)


  1. This color is so pretty! It's at the top of my list for my next Zoya purchase :)

  2. I just ordered this one along with Indigo on the last promo. I can't wait to try. I so love blues.


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