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Friday, January 27, 2012

Dior Purple Mix - Swatches and Review

This is going to be another short but sweet post as I have a LOT of swatching to do *grin* but I've been wearing Dior Purple Mix for the last few days.

As usual, the formula was outstanding and the brush is a dream on this smokey violet purple creme. Perfection.

Dior Purple Mix
Dior Purple Mix WITHOUT top coat

Dior Purple Mix
Dior Purple Mix WITH top coat

Several people have asked me how it compares to Dior Forget-Me-Not, so here is a swatch of them side-by-side. As you can see, Purple Mix is darker, deeper and smokier. The MAIN difference, that you can't see here, is the smell. Forget-Me-Not has that sickening Rosemilk smell, which makes Purple Mix the WINNER, in my opinion.

Dior Purple Mix vs Dior Forget-Me-Not

Which would you pick? Do you have both? Does the scented polish bother you?

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  1. What beautiful purples!! :D

  2. I love purple mix! I like the darker purples. Now I have another dior to add to my list. Paradise, Water lily, and Purple Mix. (: I'm sure there will be more in the future, lol.

  3. I am leaning towards Forget-Me-Not but I am an odd ball. Maybe I'll end up getting both eventually.. and layer Knackered over them...

  4. How in the world had I not commented on this post? Hehehe You know it's one my fave!! ♥ ♥ ♥


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