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Friday, January 6, 2012

Zoya Kelly - Swatches and Review

Finally, a grey creme I can really fall in love with! I know Kelly has been out since 2010, but I am just now getting around to trying it and once again I ask myself why I waited so long! Kelly is part of Zoya's Wonderful Collection from their Wicked and Wonderful Collection for Fall of 2010.

I think one of the reasons I fell for this color is because of the purple/blue (blurple?) undertones. Oh it's still a straight up medium-dark grey creme, but with some interest. In fact, I changed into a blue sweater to see how it would play and it definitely brings out the blue undertones. As always, so much depends on lighting, but it's an awesome grey. And it's a grey that, unlike NARS Galion, doesn't read BLACK on me!!!

Creamy, saturated, perfection in two coats.

Zoya Kelly

Zoya Kelly

Zoya Kelly
A basic that everyone should own!


  1. It's colors like this that make me very sorry we don't have access to Zoya in my country, great shade

  2. I don't know why it didn't occur to me before that you would love this color since Galion was too dark for you. It's really beautiful on you!

  3. I have it and see it as a grey/green creme. Perceptions are so weird.


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