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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Make Up Store Holographic Polishes - Greta and Britta

Nfu-Oh, MOVE OVER! Actually, I love Nfu-Oh, but after getting one of the "new batch" of the #61, which was about 10 times gloppier than the previous version and the other colors I have, I was kind of in the market for a new silver holo. Enter Greta. And since my friend was going to grab it in-store for me and send to me from another state, I picked a traveling companion for her. Enter Britta! Thanks so much Ana!!! ♥

You can't order Make Up Store on line, but I hear great things about their in-store customer service, so if you call them, they are more than happy to do a charge-send for you. Which is actually dangerous information for me to have. *sigh*

Today I have Greta and Britta to show you.

Greta is a great silver linear holo with smooth easy application. The brush is a bit stiff, but it didn't cause me any problems at all...just something I noticed. As is my practice with all linear holos, I don't use a special base coat (like Aqua Base for Nfu-Oh) but I DO lay down a light coat of a coordinating color as my base. I started doing this to conserve what was a difficult product to obtain way back then, but notice how well it worked and how much more wear I got out of the linear holo mani. So I still do it.

This is Greta. One coat with a base of Pure Ice Silver Mercedes and no top coat - isn't she lovely?

Make Up Store Greta

Make Up Store Greta

Make Up Store Greta

Make Up Store Greta

Make Up Store Greta

And then there's Britta. Britta is another great linear holo that is a pinkish, mauve with purple undertones. It reminds me a lot of Sally Hansen Magical Nail Makeup in Mystical Mandarin, which is long discontinued and a bit hard to find.

I used a thin coat of Pure Ice Gossip a base coat and one coat of Britta - no top coat.

Make Up Store Britta

Make Up Store Britta

Make Up Store Britta

Make Up Store Britta

Aren't they stunning? The danger with these polishes is that you need to be careful, especially when driving, that you don't stare at your nails too much. Wouldn't want you to have a wreck. Or accidentally walk into a fountain.  =)

You already know I am a sucker for linear holos. How do you feel about them? Have you tried these yet?

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****DISCLAIMER: I am still awaiting information as to 
whether these products are tested on animals and whether the company tests on animals. 
Will post the information as soon as I have it. *** According to the company's 
response and several other sources, including some 
readers (THANK YOU!) Make Up Store is being added 
to my Cruelty-Free list!

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  1. Oh god I need these so badly. I wish this store was near me.

  2. Greta is on my wishlist! Beautiful polish!

  3. These are so gorgeous! Amazing holographic effect.

  4. Make Up Store do NOT test their products on animals, I have seen several lists where there are brands/companys that dont test on animals and MUS is on all the lists (might be easier to find that information on swedish, but Im swedish so)

    I hope this helped:)

    Have a great day!

  5. Thanks for all the responses! ♥

    And Ida, thanks for letting me know about MUS and the CF lists in Sweden! The company responded and I was able to find it on other lists and some of you have emailed me, as well. THANK YOU!

    I thought they were CF, but since I didn't really have verification, I thought I needed to put the disclaimer up until I knew for sure - for my readers. ♥

  6. Holy holo batman, these are gorgeous! I have yet to own any, but one day I will!


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