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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekend Bits and Bobs: November 1, 2013 - Dior Lipstick, Coastal Living and Drunk Birds

Nothing to Disclose

Weekend Bits and Bobs

November 3, 2013

Only 52 more days until Christmas! No I haven't started. Yes I am a last minute kinda gal. LOL! How about you?

So I was going through some travel photos the other day - mostly Scotland, which makes me want to jump on a plane right now. And some from several other countries...remembering each of those trips fondly. Wishing I could live somewhere else. I see status updates from my friends in the UK and Northern US and "home" (Indiana) and I get so jealous!

So I stopped to think...just because I am not a beach/coastal person (gimme mountains, bay-bee - and the forest!) doesn't mean that I don't live in a nice place. Seeing gas signs this morning for $2.96 per gallon reminded me that I live in probably the best area, economically, of anywhere in the States. The cost of living is low and we weren't hit nearly as hard here between 2008 and now when the economy went into the toilet. And the oil field is BOOMING right now. So we're actually in good shape.

Well, I decided to try to appreciate where I am. I've shown photos before my little town where I live, go boating, etc. but I had to go to Corpus Christi the other day (about 18 minutes away from me) so I took my camera and drove home along the bay front.

Not 30 feet up the steps is the 6 lane street going through the middle of town.
I used to grab lunch and bring it here when I worked in the city
Like a mini-get-a-way

Lots of wind energy (in the background)

It's plenty warm (mid 90s) but middle of the day on a work day
Plus I think the jellyfish have made their way it's basically deserted.

We have a fantastic harbor/marina/yacht club here too.

This is one of the Columbus ships - replica ships were all here, now just this one remains.

Wildlife right here in the middle of the city!

The Lexington Museum - an air craft carrier from WWII - great tours and it's HAUNTED!

The Texas State Aquarium on the far right...we also have great museums.

And an Art Center!

Yes, we have a FABULOUS Art Center!

And this made me giggle. In the photo above, bottom left corner - what IS that?

So I enlarged it. A bird checking out an alcoholic beverage? Bwahahahaaaa....

Lucky Shot of the Day


What did I get while I was in Corpus running my errands? Well I couldn't leave empty-handed, so I grabbed Dior Mauve Mystere #786 Lipstick from the Rouge Dior Collection. My first Dior lipstick! I absolutely LOVE it!

It's creamy, smooth, well-pigmented and the color is amazing! It's not what I'd call a "long-lasting" lipstick, but if I do go all day without re-applying, I still have what amounts to a lip tint. Meaning when it does wear off through eating etc. it still leaves enough of a tint that I don't feel naked. And it's moisturizing enough that my lips don't get dry when most of it wears off! This is really a pickle I'm in now. When I didn't know I loved it, I could do without it. Now that I know, I'll be buying more. Retail price: $34.00.


And finally, my favorite mani of the week? Of course you guys KNOW it's going to be my new KBShimmer Plum Tuckered Out that I created with Christy Rose!


That's what it looks like from here. I've got spareribs in the oven and my house smells SO GOOD right now! So I will leave you to the rest of your weekend.

Hope it's FANTASTIC! ♥

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  1. Beautiful city! And gorgeous lips and nails! I feel the same way - since i've (recently) become obsessed with lipstick, my wallet has been crying. Now that I know what I've been missing out on, I wanna play catch up! :P

  2. Only time I was in Texas was a summer in Houston but Scotland! Rivals Italy for capturing my heart--its a fantasy place. I revisit it (next best thing to getting on a plane) by reading the novels of Alexander McCall Smith.

    1. Oh I haven't read him - I'll put him on my reading list! And yeah I'd think a summer in Houston would be as bad as a summer in Scotland would be good.

  3. Hearing that you love the forests and the mts makes me want to tell you to put my area on your bucket list of places to visit and spend some time in - I am in Big Sur area of California - the coast here is waaaay different from what you have by you. We have huge redwoods and lots of hard woods, mountains and cliffs, rivers and waterfalls that fall right to the ocean below. It's really breathtaking. I 1don't think I would do so well in TX - the heat would get me! Love your shade of polish with KBShimmer

    1. Oh your area is already ON the list! I drove through there once going from Corvalis, OR to LA (partially along the PCH.) Some rocks had fallen and I had to go back to this little store and wait. The air smelled SO GOOD! I didn't see a lot of it though so I'm definitely going back when I have more time to explore. I wore my Big Sur jacket just this morning!


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