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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Zoya MatteVelvet Re-Issues - Swatches and Review

Nothing to Disclose 
*These products are Cruelty Free 

Good morning! Today I have some swatches for you of the 4 MatteVelvet polishes being re-released by Zoya. I did these swatches quite a while back, but I never posted them because, well, they were discontinued and I didn't want to send people scrambling for something not easily found. I also did swatches of some of the others (cough *Harlow* cough) but today I just have the 4 that ARE easily available now from Of course they are limited edition, so if you want them, now is the time!

Zoya MatteVelvets

These polishes (still 5-free and cruelty free) are matte finish polishes that are so popular right now. It's no surprise that they've been resurrected for this holiday season! The only surprise is that the most popular one, Harlow, isn't among them. Of course Harlow wasn't part of this original collection and it's not necessarily as "winter" as these. But maybe they will bring it back one day. One can hope!

Because these are matte finish, they are formulated to be worn without a base coat or a top coat. They dry very quickly and do NOT like to be over-manipulated. Plus, if you have imperfections, they will definitely show with these polishes. If you'll notice in my photos, you can see the ridges in my nails.

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These all 4 had the same formula and application for me with Dovima being the most "covering" - you can't see my ridges as prominently with that one.  I only used one coat for these swatches and only top coat where indicated, so you could see them both ways. They have a great shimmer either way, which sets them apart from the flat mattes in my opinion.


Dovima is a black matte.


Posh is a medium red.


Savita is a medium purple.


Veruschka is a forest green.


So what do you think? Will you be grabbing these while they're available this time? Or have you already? Of course my favorite is Savita. Gotta love purple!

All of the color, none of the shine - for a limited time!

Zoya is happy to announce the reissue of four of our most popular matte nail polish colors in Limited Edition (LE) for Holiday 2013. Perfectly packaged for the Holidays in our deluxe Zoya MATTE VELVET* LE gift boxes.

Available at SPECIAL PRE-ORDER PRICING - Now through 11.20.2013 only.

Exclusively on ZOYA.COM 

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  1. Glad I have 3 of the 4 - considering grabbing Dovima though!

  2. They are gorgeous! I'm happy I have Posh and Verushka already but it seems I will have to let Dovima and Savita slip by. I'd love to get them but since Zoya doesn't do international shipping and they are not available anyplace else the LE is kind of a bummer for non-US lacquer enthusiasts. I'm glad though that at least some people get a second chance to buy them :)

  3. The only one I have is Dovima so that trio is calling me. Do you like them better than the OPI Suedes? Any staining issues?

  4. I don't really buy OPI but I do have one of the suedes that was either a gift or from a blog sale and no, I don't like them better than the OPI suedes. There were no staining issues with any of them but the formula it a little more finicky than the suedes. ♥

  5. I love suede but I hate that it gets buffed and shiny the longer your wear it, I need to put more matte top coat over it every few days to keep it that finish.

  6. I have Savita and Veruschka in my mountain of untried polish. I don't feel the need for Dovima, but I would like Posh at some point. Thank you for showing them with top coat also. I do always like to see the matte polishes both ways.


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