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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rock/Mineral Nail Art Week: Day 2 - Literal Stones

Nothing to Disclose

Today marks Day 2 of Rock and Mineral Nail Art Theme Week I'm doing with a few nail polish buddies. Yesterday I did sort of an abstract mani so today I went literal.

I tried stamping and I really don't understand what I'm doing wrong but it just rarely works for me. So I stamped the stone image onto a piece of paper and then copied it with a brush onto my nails.

I used Wet n Wild Black Creme for the base and Essence Movie Star for the grey. You can't get much more simple or literal than that!

What I'm going to do for the rest of the week is a mystery. Always flying by the seat of my pants I guess!

It's really random and so easy that even I couldn't mess it up!

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  1. Really pretty! It reminds me a little of shale. I love the areas where it looks more organic, very cool :)

  2. Beyond amazing! They really look like natural rocks! Truth in the tile. :) How did you get the gray effect? (Just curious if there was anything else besides the polish to get them to look like this.)

    1. No just polish - I "mottled" them a bit with the brush as I was applying the grey. Thanks!

    2. Wow - you're very talented! Love it! And thanks for response. :)

  3. thats quite mesmerising - beautiful x


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