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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dior Diorific Frimas #318 - Swatches and Review

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Dior Diorific Frimas #318

I nearly passed this one up. What was I thinking? The minute I put it on I knew it was a must-have for me. I expected "lobster hands" and I was pleasantly surprised. It's one of those with enough warmth with the golden shimmer and micro-flakes and still cool-toned enough for me!

There are three other polishes in the Golden Winter Collection, in addition to a Jewel Manicure Duo. The other shades are Winter #128, Minuit #995 (click for my review of Minuit) and a re-promote of Marilyn #751 that I reviewed here from last year. $26.00.

The Jewel Manicure Duo is Bijou Base Vernis and Perles Cristal - a golden polish/base and micro-pearls for a unique 3D manicure. $39.00.

I will have swatch photos and my review of Frimas for you after the jump...

Dior Diorific Frimas #318, from the Golden Winter Collection - Dior Winter/Holiday 2013, is a gorgeous taupe/greige with strong shimmer and micro-flakes that look like gold, pink and copper or maybe a color-shifting gold with pink and copper shifts. There is also a mauve or rose undertone in this one. The formula was amazing. Smooth and easy and I really love the brush on these "ornament" bottles. Two coats for full opacity and one coat of top coat for the photos.

Artificial lighting...

Indirect natural light/shade...

Full sunlight...


I know some people aren't a fan of these round Dior "ornament" bottles but I love them. I wish all Dior polishes came in these bottles with this brush! I was really pleased that this one can be worn by both warm-toned and cool-toned skin-types.

What do you think? Will you be getting this one? Or any of the other 3? The Jewel Manicure Duo? I already have Marilyn and Minuit. I'll probably skip the Duo. Never say never though!

This collection is popping up across the US at Dior counters - since October. My store doesn't have them yet, but I was able to get this one on-line at I got Minuit online at Sephora. You can purchase through and Macy's - also possibly Nordies, Bloomies and/or Neiman Marcus. Keep an eye out!

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  1. What a gorgeous polish, but wow...$26?! Yipes.

  2. I love colors like this and this is a gorgeous polish. Dior polishes are just way too expensive for me :(

  3. Such a lovely color! But I just can't get on board with the bottle shape. :(

  4. I'm so happy you swatched this one. I ordered Frimas and Minuit from Macy's (still waiting on their arrival!) but I was a little concerned with how Frimas would look on me. There aren't many swatches available and some look more mauve/rosy colored whereas others look more taupe. I'm still a bit worried how this will fare with my skin tone, but it looks great on you! I just couldn't pass it up when I saw those gorgeous micro flakes. And I'm with you - I love the ornament bottles!

  5. I bought this because of the packaging :) Otherwise, I would have preferred to get Oxblood from Burberry, but when I saw how it looked, I knew I just had to have it. Pics of Dior's holiday collection make me feel that it looks very Christmassy. I never had that feeling before...just felt like, okay it's the holiday collection. Looks different. I'm planning to wear it to a Christmas event with my Alexander McQueen scarf (gold/apricot with navy skulls), probably going to have to go neutral on the makeup with a black colour from the YSL "midnight" 5 colour eye shadow, Burberry blusher "earthy", YSL red lipstick, a mixture of Burberry sheer glow and Dior Forever foundation...white true religion boot cut jeans and plain black t-shirt...hopefully my hair will have grown out by then. Hope you don't mind my over-sharing :)

  6. The only thing better is if you share a pic on my FB page when you're ready to go! ♥

  7. I love the polish and the packaging, but would not pay that price.


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