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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rock/Mineral Nail Art Theme Week: Day 4 - Star Sapphire

Nothing to Disclose

Today marks Day 4 of Rock and Mineral Nail Art Theme Week I'm doing with a few nail polish buddies and I must admit I really took the easy way out today. Me? Take the easy way out? What a surprise. NOT!

I love star sapphires and with the magnetic polish trend that happened mainly last year, of course I ended up with a blue magnetic polish and a star magnet.

Star Sapphire Nail Art

I'm actually sort of ashamed at myself for calling this nail art, but hey, it fits with the theme! I used one coat of Pure Ice Magnetic Attraction Collide With Me and the star magnet from China Glaze.

Took about 5 minutes for all 10 nails. Who doesn't have time for that? What do you think about magnetic polishes? Are you over it? It appears that a few brands are just discovering it like it's a new thing. *cough Dior cough*

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  1. I love this, best and prettiest magnetic I've ever seen!

  2. Pfffft, not the easy way out! Totally art! And they look amazing! I think magnetics are easy in concept and tricky in practice; I have a hard time being patient. Love the inspiration for these :)

  3. Dance Legend has some beautiful (and beautifully behaving) magnetics under their own name and that of Bow. They offer two magnets for sale; a flat, rectangle sort of bar, and a magnetic pen. I ordered both, but have so far only tried the former. I tend to like the results from magnets that don't have a "design" to them.... they survive the trend longer. ;) However, I have to say your execution of this sapphire star magnet mani is gorgeous!


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