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Monday, November 25, 2013

Great Gift Ideas for the Holidays

I Bought This/Sent for Review

Gift Ideas for Her

I have a couple of quick gift ideas for you today - more coming as Christmas approaches!

These are a couple of things I just got today and I think either one (or both) would make fantastic gifts!

Grace & Lace Alpine Thigh Highs (boot socks) - so a friend of mine posted these on her Facebook page Friday night. I loved them and went and purchased immediately. While I was on the Grace & Lace Facebook page I noticed that they were going to air an episode of Shark Tank that they were on! So I watched - I still had their FB page open on my computer and I watched them get thousands of likes instantaneously!

So I really expected to get the ones I ordered in a few weeks. I got them TODAY. That's like basically ONE day not counting Sunday. Amazing. And I love them!

You can purchase these for $39 at the Grace & Lace online shop. Check out their other stuff too - they have lots of different kinds!


Bellisimo - The Collection Clutch Set

I haven't swatched these yet (coming soon), but I don't know anyone who likes nail polish who wouldn't LOVE to get this as a gift. The clutch is awesome, well-made and you get a base and top coat along with 6 great shades. It would be great to take with you on vacation - all nestled in their lil beds inside the clutch!

There are even sewn in loops to hold your polishes securely when they're not in the box.

This Collection Clutch set retails for $150 and can be purchased at Bellisimo's site here. Stay tuned for swatches and review of the polishes.


More gift ideas coming soon...

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  1. Can't wait for swatches of those polishes! And I love those socks!

  2. I received the Bellisimo Clutch Collection today, it is absolutely beautiful. I had to immediately do a skittle to check out the colors. Can't wait to see your review and review it myself.

  3. I saw them on shark tank too! Haha. They are so pretty.

  4. Those boot socks look really pretty it is nice Christmas Gift


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