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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Comparison Request: Dior Frimas vs butter LONDON, China Glaze and Elevation Polish


I just have a REALLY QUICK comparison for you with Dior Diorific Frimas #318...

Frimas with butter LONDON All Hail the Queen, Elevation Polish ShiShi Beach and China Glaze Fast Track.

I was happy to do this comparison really fast because it's hard trying to explain that Frimas had sort of a mauve or rose undertone when you can't see it unless it's next to polishes you already have/are familiar here ya go!

As you can see, it's nothing like any of the other three but I hope that seeing it next to these will help you decide how you think it will work on your specific skin tone.

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  1. Boy they are all different and beautiful!

  2. I have a cheapie LA Colors polish that's exactly like Frimas. Unfortunately I don't know the name because it came in a pack of minis and they weren't labeled.


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