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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Weekend Bits and Bobs: November 16, 2013

Nothing to Disclose

It's nearly Thanksgiving already! And of course I haven't started preparations for ANYTHING yet. Well, except maybe picking out a few things for my Christmas wishlist. Okay FINE, I may have already purchased my Christmas gift to myself.

photo cred: Neiman Marcus/La Prairie

I can't wait - my sample is almost gone!

Catch me after the jump for a few more bits and bobs...

I may have picked up another handbag also. Nothing spectacular - black leather, shoulder. Great for errands.

Coach Legacy Zip Shoulder Bag


Things I'm in love with this week...

Isn't this just the cutest coat?
photo from InStyle Dec. 2013 issue
 I'm still in love with houndstooth.

And bags...
photo from InStyle Dec. 2013 issue

And shoes...

Tommy Hilfiger T-MINX $89
photo cred:

L.K. Bennett Holly Flat Court Shoes $250
photo cred:


Things I'll never understand...

Statement Sweaters

photo from InStyle Dec. 2013 issue

And someone PLEASE tell me that every single photo I see of Jennifer Aniston is airbrushed. She looks SO GOOD all the time and I might be slightly obsessed with her. She's only 3 years younger than I am and she looks 15 years younger at least. #jealous

Sorry about the photos. I've been having issues with my photo editor program and the pics are cell pics or grabbed from the web.

Well that's about it - except for my favorite mani of the week, Azature Red...

Hope you have a FABULOUS weekend!

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  1. Love the coat and the shoes and the bag and the mani and and and.... ;)


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