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Friday, November 29, 2013

Comparison Request: Chanel Rouge Noir vs piCture pOlish Vampire

Nothing to Disclose

Comparison Request
Chanel Rouge Noir vs. piCture pOlish Vampire

This morning I'm still working on some great collection posts for you but I thought I'd show you a really quick comparison between Chanel Rouge Noir and piCture pOlish Vampire.

These are not dupes, but the finished manicures do have that same vampy look about them.

As you can see, Rouge Noir is more of a crelly while Vampire is a true jelly.

This is ONE COAT of each...

As you can see, the opacity is quite different. Below is two coats of each...

I stopped at 2 coats of Rouge Noir and kept building Vampire...


There you have it! Not dupes at all. Vampire's jelly formula is great for jelly sandwiches while the crelly formula of Rouge Noir makes it opaque in two coats. So you need both. Sorry!

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  1. Many thanks! A really helpful comparison.

  2. I like both, vampires is more Jelly and I love jelly, what do you mean with Jelly sanwiches?

    1. A jelly sandwich is a manicure where you sandwich glitter between coats of a jelly polish. I've done a couple. Most recently I've been loving the jelly stampwiches where instead of glitter you sandwich stamping between coats of a jelly polish.
      And Jelly Dotwiches:

    2. ahhhh thank you :) Zoya Katherine is really a pretty shade

  3. Love them, have vampire and wish I could afford rouge noir... Epiphany! I am going to create a polish gift wish list for such things!!! I always end up with things I don't want, never again =D

  4. Thank you, comparison posts are my favorite.


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