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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Comparison Request: Chanel Rouge Rubis vs BL and Dior

Nothing to Disclose

Okay I've had several requests for more comparisons with Chanel Rouge Rubis 677 so I've done two more...

Chanel Rouge Rubis 677 vs butter LONDON Come to Bed Red vs Dior Rouge 999

I also had requests for some others, but I don't have those, so we're using butter LONDON's Come to Bed Red and Dior Rouge 999 to compare with Chanel Rouge Rubis 677.

Artificial lighting...

Indirect natural lighting...

It's hard to really tell the difference in my photos no matter what I do (sorry!) but in real life, Dior Rouge 999 has more orange in the base than the Chanel and it's a smidge deeper. It is a true creme though. The formula on it is nearly identical.

butter LONDON Come to Bed Red isn't a true creme - it's more of a crelly and has maybe a slight bit more blue in the base than the Chanel. The formula is MUCH different. It's less opaque and the formula is thinner.

So, still no dupes - at least in my stash. If you're not a real red creme lover, then you probably don't need all of them - just pick the one that goes best with your skin-tone and has a formula you prefer. I, however, AM a red creme lover and I need them ALL!

What say you?

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  1. Oh my gosh I can't tell the difference!

  2. I definitely see more orange in the dior. I'm new to reds, and usually keep it on just my toes, bc it always tends to look orange on me. Coromandel has been my go-to red on the toes...this Rouge Rubis looks perfect for my fingers!!!


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