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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Nail of the Day: Dior Tuxedo #908

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*This product may NOT be Cruelty Free 

This afternoon I thought I would show you a polish I've had for quite a while and have worn so many times I was SURE I'd already posted it. Whoops! Dior #908 Tuxedo. It's actually my pedi of the day, but I didn't want to scare anyone away with the title.

I'm busy right now swatching my lil fingers off but I missed this after I removed it so now I'm wearing it as my pedicure. Don't worry though, I'm not going to show you my feet. You're welcome!

Continued after the jump...

I know you guys have probably seen this one a hundred times already but it's really so pretty. It's one I wear often when I chop off my nails. It really looks amazing on short nails. It's a gorgeous deep blue shimmer creme.

I used two coats of Tuxedo and one coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top top coat for all the photos. No issues at all with formula or application. Perfection that we've come to expect from Dior.


Artificial lighting...

Indirect natural lighting...


What do you think of this one? Do you have it yet? This one came out in the Fall 2011 collection and I believe it's getting harder to find now. I think you can still find it on re-sale sites for under $50.

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  1. Sheila, do you paint your nails everyday? I wish I could not be so takes the fun out of polish and enjoying manicures. Its like I have to be in the right frame of mind and mood to polish my nails because the littlest bubble or speck will throw me over the edge and I wind up taking it ALL off, then I'm discouraged for weeks. Maureen

    1. LOL! Not always. Most days though if I'm swatching. If I'm on vacation I can go over a week with the same polish - or if I'm wear-testing a polish. As for the imperfections, well there will ALWAYS be imperfections. If they're too bad I can't stand it, but if they're small you can't tell at arms-length anyway. ♥

  2. Loved the colour! Actually I'm really enjoying all ur Dior posts. Question, what happened to ur lovely long nails? They're what drew me to ur blog in the first place, I envy girls with naturally long, strong nails. I was unfortunately blessed with the opposite!

    1. Ah, thank you! They were just too long. I cringe now looking at some of my older photos.


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