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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Liquidus Nail Gloss Fall 2013 Trio

*These products are Cruelty Free

Liquidus Nail Gloss
Fall 2013 Trio
Arsenic, Blue Diamond Turquoise and Copper

I'm excited to be showing you a new-to-me indie brand that I've been meaning to try for a long time now: Liquidus Nail Gloss Fall 2013 Trio! And I have a DISCOUNT CODE for you at the end of the post with links on where to purchase!

 "Liquidus is where crystal meets liquid, where trends meet fashion, where nature meets nail polish."

Their polishes are all inspired by rocks, gems and minerals and they're cruelty-free and Big 3 Free.

Continued after the jump...

Today I have Arsenic, Blue Diamond Turquoise and Copper to show you - a shimmer, a jelly and a glitter topper.

Let's go alphabetically because I don't think I can pick my favorite to start with...

Arsenic is a medium taupy grey creme with copper and yellow shimmer. Formula and application were perfect. Zero issues. Smooth and easy and perfectly self-leveling. I used two coats of this one and no top coat for the photos.

Artificial lighting...

Indirect natural lighting...


Blue Diamond Turquoise is a super shiny deep teal jelly/crelly - so squishy. The formula and application is perfect - no issues at all. I used 2 coats and NO top coat for the photos.

Artificial lighting...

Indirect natural lighting...


Copper is a clear-based glitter topper with loads of micro-shimmer, including holographic shimmer, and copper metallic hex glitters and varying sizes. To be  honest, when I saw this in the bottle, I just knew it had curling glitters. But the glitters all came out of the bottle nicely, spread evenly on the nail and laid perfectly flat. So I'm not sure if these glitter have "reflective curling" or if they're really starting to curl. I looked at the glitter close-up in all directions and they are not curling on the nail...or least not yet. I used one coat of this on the accent nail and a tip gradient on the other nails. No issues.  One coat of Poshe top coat for the photos. They were perfectly smooth and flat to the touch. I'll keep an eye on it and report back if I do notice any actual curling.

Artificial lighting...

Indirect natural lighting...


And some quick striped nail art with Arsenic and Blue Diamond Turquoise...


So what do you think of this trio? I guess if I have to pick a favorite, it would be Arsenic. The formula is fantastic and the color and shimmer are just "me." What is yours?

Liquidus Nail Gloss polishes are available at their shop here and retail for $6 for minis (.25 oz) and $9 for full-sized (.50 Oz) - you can purchase these as a trio as a Pick Three (minis $16.50/full-sized $24.75) or individually. And RIGHT NOW, I have a discount code for 10% off your entire purchase starting NOW and continuing for the next 10 days: PointlessCafe10off

Make sure to follow Liquidus on Facebook for more information and to stay up-to-date on the new stuff. Check them out on Pinterest, too! 

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