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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Weekend Bits and Bobs - October 27, 2013

Nothing to Disclose

Weekend Bits and Bobs
October 27, 2013

Didn't we JUST do this, like yesterday? Nothing any adult ever told me when I was a child was ever more true than "the older you get the faster time goes!" I feel bad for rolling my eyes at them and trying to refute it with science and logic now.

I started this week with no water. I never realized how much water I use until I didn't have any! A bit difficult to brush your teeth with air. The pressure switch went out on the well. So, a visit to Lowe's and $24.00 later (thankfully)...

So since it was only $24.00, I guess this goes into the "good" column.


Before the freshly mown grass (my timing is always off - lol) Twinks did her favorite thing in the whole wide world...

And as usual, Murphy looked at the Frisbee in bewilderment...


Got some new leggings! $10.80 at - gotta have a little fun sometimes, right?


I got my Elevation polishes from the Charity Auction and Sale!

And the best news...I still have another on the way!


Received a sweet package from my friend Jin over at Superficially Colorful...all the way from Israel! She's making gorgeous polishes (but they're not for sale yet)...

And she knows me so well! Here's the tape she used!

Although, it did strike me as a bit odd to get BACON tape from Israel. LOL!


It wasn't all fun and games though. I got stung by a hornet. Yes, I called it naughty names. Yes it's DEAD.

I'm very allergic, but I got to the Benedryl in time and didn't have to go to the ER this time so it's sort of in the "good" column as well! My neighbor told me to tape a penny over the sting area. I figured what the heck - it couldn't hurt anything. Plus, it conducted the cold from the ice pack quite nicely. I usually swell at least to the size of a golf ball at the site and this time - BARELY ANY swelling! I couldn't believe it. Those "old wives" got it right once in a while I guess!

And my favorite mani of the week was...


But I've saved the best for last! KBShimmer is getting ready to release her Blogger Collection! Tentative release is November 1 and there are 11 Blogger Collection polishes - created with Christy Rose and each blogger - including MINE! She also will have a charity polish (Toys for Tots) and several other new and exciting releases! I should be able to tell you more about it Monday or which time I'll have swatches of the polish I created with Christy Rose!

For now, here's a sneaky peek bottle shot...

Ain't she PURTY?

Well that's all I got for now...hope you're having a FANTASTIC, hornet-free weekend!

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  1. I'm looking forward to the KBShimmer Blogger Collection, I find that blogger/maker collaborations are always very interesting. Great post! :)

  2. I am beyond excited to see swatches of the new KBShimmer Blogger Collection; can't wait to see your take on them! PS. More Murphy pics please... My 3yo Schnoodle, Sir Dudley & I like to see them!


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