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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Indie Polish Atomic Yam - Swatches and Review

*This product is Cruelty Free 

Indie Polish
Atomic Yam

This is a new-to-me brand so let's get to know Tanya, creator at Indie Polish, a's what she had to say:

My polish is 3 free and vegan. I test all new glitters and pigments for 2-3 months. My polishes are made in small batches, and we cater to all types of polishes, from holos to glitter bombs and rich cremes. I am inspired by things that oddly go together and work phenomenally well. I have a 6 year old special needs son who has also named, and created color mixes out of glitters for polish as well. The mixes of textures, colors and depth help create polishes that I believe are quite unique. We are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. However we ship worldwide. My polish is cruelty free. Extensively tested on friends, family, myself and often bloggers before it's released, I am confidant in my polish and my company as a whole!

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Atomic Yam is a frosty, metallic bright orange copper. Opaque in two coats. No issues at all with formula. Nicely self-leveling. Careful application can eliminate most brush strokes. I used two coats and no top coat for the photos.


What do you think of this one? It's very shimmery and bright and just perfect for Autumn!

You can purchase this one or check out her other creations at her Etsy shop here. Polishes retail for between $8.60 and $9.58. You can also follow at the links below:

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  1. Gorgeous color, I was instantly attracted to it!

  2. I love this color!! Looking forward to seeing more from this brand


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