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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Weekend Bits and Bobs - August 31, 2013

Nothing to Disclose

My Bits and Bobs posts have been pretty popular and they're my favorite types of posts to do, so I thought I'd stop by this weekend with another one! Might make this a weekly thing if you guys keep enjoying them!

To see my "bits and bobs" for this past week, meet me after the jump!

First, so many of you ask about and comment on my lil TARDIS key ring I hold in some of my swatch photos (mostly when I have a mini bottle that's awkward to hold) so here's a better look at it. It's a key ring for "mad money!"

Other questions I get asked a lot are about the top coat and polish remover I use...

I use Poshe almost exclusively. I just love it!

I use the 97¢ Equate remover (nourishing 10 ounce) from Walmart. I do have a bottle of straight acetone for cleanup of stamping plates and such. It's Onyx in the 16 ounce bottle, also from Walmart. I forget the price on that but it's cheap. If I'm out of the cotton rounds, I use Viva paper towels. (ONLY Viva - it's the only one that works well for me. It's the "cloth-like" paper towel, after all! Hahaha)


A few things I've been using this week...

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in 09 Amore. It doesn't "stay all day" but it does stay longer than most I've been trying out lately. It dries matte. When you first put it on it's really slick. Then it's really REALLY matte when it dries. BUT it's not that dry-feeling matte that I hate. My only issue so far with this is that I get "weird wear." By that I mean after I eat or something equally hard on the lipstick, I find that I have NONE left in the center of my lips and this oddly shaped outer ring that looks like I tried to apply lip liner totally sotted! Haven't figured out how to fix that yet.


Loving the Milani stuff these days. I fell in love with their Color Statement Lipstick line - see my post on that here.

This past week I've been wearing the LE "rose" blush in 01 Romantic Rose. It's VERY pigmented and applies nicely and smoothly. I've never done anything with my brows (pain and I don't get along) and my brows as well as my lashes are RED. So thankfully I've been able to get by because however messed up they are isn't really all that noticeable. But lately I've realized just how much difference a nice arch makes so I'm attempting to learn how to fix that. Yes, I ended up plucking a bald spot in one of my brows. UGH. But this Milani Brow Fix is working nicely while I wait for it to grow back.


I've worn the same neutral eye shadow for decades. Never changing. Ever. So this week, I've been using this new palette from Wet n Wild's Fergie line. And so far, I DON'T look like someone gave me black eyes!!!  It's sad to be trying to learn how to apply makeup in my late 40s. But better late than never, right?

This palette is SOOOO highly pigmented that I think it may last me forever! It's from the Centerstage Collection and this is A030 Dutchess Lounge.


Something I haven't tried yet - $3 at Target. I'll let you know how it goes...


Best. Mascara. Ever.


Favorite nail polish - THIS WEEK: Chanel Vamp #18


I've been working on the boat a lot this summer so I haven't wanted to wear my good watches. If you want to know WHAT taught me that important lesson, check out my post here for a good laugh and a lesson on non-waterproof watches.

So what I've been wearing all summer are these! Inexpensive and still cute and stylish. Water-resistant to I forget how many feet, but more feet of water than I intend to be under for sure!

Fossil Ceramic in white and black.


The sandals I've been living in all summer are great for working on the boat too. Cute, rubber-soled, making them great deck shoes, and most importantly, the material between the toes doesn't make me want to stab someone in the throat. This is the first summer in my life I've been able to wear cute sandals with something between the toes. So I have about 6 pair of them in different styles and colors.

Check out all the styles at the Sperry site here.

They are SO comfortable, they're non-slip, it doesn't matter if you get them wet, they have nice arch support (for sandals) AND they're so CUTE!


Last and most importantly...CANDY!

I've been obsessed with this candy for months now. It's not available here and even though my wonderful friends send it to me, I'm ashamed to admit just how much of it I go through. So I ordered several ENTIRE BOXES of it through Amazon. Best fruity candy EVER.

It comes in other flavors too like peach, melon, strawberry...but these three are the best. The only one I don't love is Melon and that because it actually tastes like a real cantaloupe! I don't like cantaloupe.

Well that should be enough random "bits and bobs" until next time...


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