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Monday, August 12, 2013

NOTD, OOTD and Trying Something New

So...I have never "blogged" from my phone before. We will see how this goes but if past experience is any indicator, it will be a hot mess so I will ask your forgiveness now. LOL! 

Just a quick one though. My nail of the day with my outfit for inspiration. 

Nothing special. Just my "feeling bloated and I think this blouse will hide it" clothes. White jeans and a black and white blouse. Left my curls down...

And did  a quick stamping mani...

The photos are all with my iPhone too. Sorry. 

So my day consisted of finally getting my air strut installed on the car, injuring my swatching hand, getting too hot and blogging 100% from my phone.  Oh! And basically accosting a guy at the car wash!     He backed up after his wash was over and triggered the wash I had just paid for -  basically stealing mine!  So I had him blocked from the rear with my car and got out and walked around to the front and confronted him when he pulled out. Made him give me my $10! 

Definitely a Monday!  How did your week start?



  1. Sounds like a Monday! Love your curls on the loose, also love the top and your mani!

  2. I love your curls down too! and I lurves me a black and white mani/outfit.


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