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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Half-Year Roundup - Favorite Manis and Swatches from the First Half of 2013

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I thought I'd just do a quick Photo post showing all my favorite manicures from the first half of this year...I can't believe how much I've embraced nail art this year!

All of the manicures shown are mine from my blog posts from January 1, 2013 through today. Yes I realize I'm a little late but better late than 14 pages of "roundup" at the end of the year!

Nails Inc. Leather Effects Gradient

Continued after the jump...

Gradient with stamping Copy Caturday from Adventures in Acetone
Shark Week Mani

piCture pOlish Focus
Plaid Mani with Zoya Cashmeres

Elevation Polish Ave Secretan

Elevation Polish Trio - tortoise shell mani - Copy Caturday from Chalkboard Nails

French Tip Gradient Copy Caturday from Chalkboard Nails

Sponging and Stamping Mani Copy Caturday from  AshleyIsPolishAddicted

Cherry Blossom Manicure

Elevation Polish Muztagh Ata

Elevation Polish Jengish Chokusu and Haba Xueshan

Cow Nails

6Harts Bat Crap Crazy

Ninja Polish 100% Colombian

Lady Bug Nails

Sideways Reciprocal Gradient

Sponge Mani

Framed Floral Mani - Copy Caturday from Nails by Kayla Shevonne

Framed Floral Accent with Cult Nails In the Garden Collection

Jelly Stamping Sandwich with The Nail Junkie Blueberry Copy Caturday from  4Boys 1Mom Lacquer

Gradient with Colors by Llarowe

Houndstooth Mani
Abstract Mani

Gradient Dotticure

a England Gradient

Red Dog Designs Neon Sands Skittles Mani

Chanel Russies

Zoya Pixie Dust Gradient

Nails Inc. Dotticure

365 Days of Color 4th of July Mani

Illamasqua Seance

Red Dog Design Skittles

Dandy Nails Perspective

Saran Wrap Mani

Easter Nails

Elevation Polish Mount Cangyan

Pretty Jelly Polish Plum in Love

Ozotic 621

St. Patrick's Day Mani

Zoya Pixie Dust

Ninja Polish Divinity

Argyle Manicure Copy Caturday from  Polish and Pearls

Milani Gradient

piCture pOlish Cosmos

Nails Inc. Stripe Mani

Neapolitan Ice Cream with Sprinkles

Shazaam with stamping accent

Zoya Picie Dust Sponge Mani

Reciprocal Gradient Manicure Copy Caturday from Globe and Nail

It's been a fun year so far!!! What are your favorites?

Here's to a magnificent second half!

Thanks so much to all of you guys who read Pointless Cafe! ♥

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  1. What a great collection of pictures! Keep up the AWESOME work! <3

  2. So beautiful!!! :D

  3. Those are amazing! Each and every one of them!!!
    And if I will hear you saying one more time that you cannot nail art, I will cry and cry and cry until your ears will pop! :-P
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. I love your gradients and sakura blossom.

  5. Lots of great manis!!

    My favorites of these are the cherry blossom, sponge mani, St. Patty's Day, and Oztic! :)

  6. Oh, you've shown so many gorgeous manis, I couldn't even begin to choose a favorite, they're all just beautiful :-)

  7. So many gorgeous designs! Buuuut I love Ozotic 621 the most :)


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